FIFA 22: Top 8 Tips For Successful Mystery Balloon Mode!

FIFA 22: Top 8 Tips for Successful Mystery Balloon Mode!

Mystery Balloon mode is one of the new modes in FIFA 22. And here are some tips on how to handle it well.

It’s not just career mode or FUT on FIFA 22. Indeed, the title has other equally pleasant modes. Proof of this is with the “Mystery Balloon” which has many surprises in store. You will also be able to find some advice through this article.


But before revealing the advice in question, perhaps we should shed some light on this model. Some may not own the game and therefore do not know what it is. But others still own the title and don’t know what we’re talking about either.

Well, know that in FIFA 22, just like version 21, you can play “Mystery Ball” mode. This is a “friendly” game mode, in which the rules of the game change completely. Or rather, boosts will appear during your game.

Also, be aware that game themes may vary. But what do we mean by “themes”. Quite simply the fact that you are not going to have time depending on the game. And that you will have to register only one goal or three to be able to win your match.

You will be able to play this mode while being on FUT or in the normal game. We remind you that this is a “fun” game mode and that you must go into it to have fun. No pack will be won at the end of a match.

Despite everything, some want to win their sleeves at all costs. For this reason, many of you are looking for some tips to increase the odds in your favor. That’s good, we are going to reveal some of them to you.

It is our fellow Gamerant who gave us the tips in question. And as you will find out, there are a lot of them for FIFA 22. Although these are not really tips per se.

FIFA 22: Top 8 Tips for Successful Mystery Balloon Mode!
FIFA 22: Top 8 Tips for Successful Mystery Balloon Mode!


Indeed, this article will mainly help you understand what the boosts you collect during a game are used for. There are 8 “tips” and here is the first one.

A boost for the passes

When you get a pass boost in this FIFA 22 mode, there is a technique that can help you score. It’s about making space on the wing and sending the ball into the box when a player breaks free. The pass should always hit the feet and allow you to score right after.

FIFA 22 shooting boosts

When you have a shot boost, try to go straight into the box. Players with this boost will be more likely to re-enter their attempts. And this, in a spectacular way.

Accelerated dribbling to get to the goal faster

Dribbling boosts will help you too. They will allow you to cross the terrain worry-free and at breakneck speed. Your rival shouldn’t be able to steal the ball from you until you get into their box.

Even faster with a speed boost

If on top of that you get a speed boost, you should score every time. It allows players to run without worrying about opponents.

Totally boost your players

Best of all, you can get a total boost in FIFA 22. This gives you the right to a boost in each category. In other words, you become an Avengers and can no longer be stopped.

Be careful when you have several boosts on FIFA 22

However, be careful, during a game, a goal can be worth double or triple. When this happens, we advise you to focus on your defense. In order not to lose a game with only one goal conceded.

Who mentioned endurance?

In this mode, know that endurance does not exist. You can run at full speed without any problem. Your players are robots and never run out.

Fundamentals remain important on FIFA 22

Boosts or not, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget. The best way to win in this FIFA 22 mode is to stick to the basics. It is thanks to them that you find yourself better and that you can win a match.