Black Mesa Cheats and Console Commands [Updated 2023]

The Ultimate Guide to Black Mesa Cheats: Unlocking the Secrets of a Classic Game

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Black Mesa cheats! If you’re a fan of the iconic game Black Mesa and want to take your gaming experience to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Black Mesa cheats, providing you with the most effective strategies, tips, and tricks to enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, our goal is to help you outrank the competition and achieve success in the game.

Chapter 1: Understanding Black Mesa Cheats

Before we dive into the specific cheats and strategies, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what Black Mesa cheats are and how they can impact your gaming experience. Cheats, in the context of video games, are special codes or commands that players can use to gain advantages, unlock hidden features, or alter certain game mechanics. They are designed to provide players with a variety of options to customize their gameplay and explore the game world in unique ways.

Black Mesa Cheats and Console Commands [Updated 2023]

List of All Black Mesa Cheats

Here are all the cheats of Black Mesa.

Cheat CodesCheat Effect
god: invincibleGod Mode
impulse 101All Weapons & ammo
impulse 105Enemies can’t hear you
notargetEnemies don’t attack you
chase_active 13rd person perspective
sv_gravity XSet Gravity to X
sv_friction XSet Friction to X
sv_bounce XBounce Multiplier to X
give ItemOrWeaponid (check all the ids below)Get item, weapon or ammo
 map MapId (check all the ids below)Changemap or Changelevel
ent_teleport npc_name (point with your crosshair where you want to spawn it)Summon or Teleport NPC
ent_remove (point to the entity you want to remove)Remove NPC
ent_remove_all npc_nameRemove all NPC

List of All Black Mesa Console Commands

Here are all the items and weapons you can give yourself using this console command.

Give Items Cheat List

  • give item_longjump – LongJump
  • give item_suit(HEV) – Suit
  • give item_airtank – Airtank
  • give item_battery – Battery
  • give item_antidote – Antidote
  • give item_healthvial – Healthvial
  • give item_sodacan – Soda Can
  • give item_healthkit – Healthkit

Give Weapons Cheat List

  • give weapon_357(Magnum) – 357
  • give weapon_crowbar – Crowbar
  • give weapon_glock – Glock
  • give weapon_crossbow – Crossbow
  • give weapon_shotgun – Shotgun
  • give weapon_mp5 – MP5
  • give weapon_tau – Tau
  • give weapon_gluon – Gluon
  • give weapon_hivehand – Hivehand
  • give weapon_rpg – RPG
  • give weapon_satchel – Satchel
  • give weapon_frag(grenades) – Frag Grenades
  • give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
  • give weapon_snark – Snark
  • give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
  • give weapon_egon – Egon
  • give weapon_9mmar – 9mm ar
  • give weapon_9mmhandgun – 9mm handgun
  • give weapon_handgrenade – Hand Grenade
  • give weapon_quantumdestabilizer – Quantum Destabilizer
  • give weapon_hornetgun – Hornet Gun

Give Ammunition Cheat List

  • give ammo_rpgclip – RPG Clip
  • give ammo_9mmar – 9mm ar
  • give ammo_9mmclip – 9mm Clip
  • give ammo_357 – 357
  • give ammo_9mmbox – 9mm box
  • give ammo_buckshot – Buckshot
  • give ammo_crossbow – Crossbow
  • give ammo_egonclip – Egon
  • give ammo_argrenades – ar grenades
  • give ammo_mp5clip – MP5 Clip
  • give ammo_gaussclip – Gauss Clip
  • give ammo_glockclip – Glock Clip
  • give ammo_mp5grenades – MP5 Grenades
List of All Black Mesa Cheats

Console Commands to Change Maps or Levels

Use these console commands in Black Mesa to instantly go to the level of your choice.

Black Mesa Inbound

  • bm_c0a0a
  • bm_c0a0b
  • bm_c0a0c

We’ve Got Hostiles

  • bm_c1a3a
  • bm_c1a3b
  • bm_c1a3c

Blast Pit

  • bm_c1a4a
  • bm_c1a4b
  • bm_c1a4c
  • bm_c1a4d
  • bm_c1a4e

Unforeseen Consequences

  • bm_c1a1a
  • bm_c1a1b
  • bm_c1a1c
  • bm_c1a1d
  • bm_c1a1e

Office Complex

  • bm_c1a2a
  • bm_c1a2b
  • bm_c1a2c

Anomalous Materials

  • bm_c1a0a
  • bm_c1a0b

Power Up

  • bm_c2a1a
  • bm_c2a1b

Lambda Core

  • bm_c3a2a
  • bm_c3a2b
  • bm_c3a2c
  • bm_c3a2d
  • bm_c3a2e
  • bm_c3a2f
  • bm_c3a2g
  • bm_c3a2h

On a Rail

  • bm_c2a2a
  • bm_c2a2b
  • bm_c2a2c


  • bm_c2a3a
  • bm_c2a3b

Residue Processing

  • bm_c2a4a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a4c
  • bm_c2a4d

Questionable Ethics

  • bm_c2a4e
  • bm_c2a4f
  • bm_c2a4g
  • bm_c2a4h

Surface Tension

  • bm_c2a5a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a5c
  • bm_c2a5d
  • bm_c2a5e
  • bm_c2a5f
  • bm_c2a5g

Forget About Freeman

  • bm_c3a1a
  • bm_c3a1b

Xen Map or Level Ids


  • Arrival: bm_c4a2a
  • Area after following Gonarch and jumping down (the area where you need to blow the wall with a detonator): bm_c4a2b
  • An area where Gonarch destroys a wall with her green goo attack (I got stuck there once in beta ^^): bm_c4a2c


  • Arrival: bm_c4a1a
  • Grotto before laboratory: bm_c4a1a1
  • Laboratory before explosive plant section: bm_c4a1b
  • Shortly before the big tree area, where 3 rooms have to be solved to open up the path: bm_c4a1b1
  • Open the alley before jumping down a big hole and encountering ground barnacles for the first time: bm_c4a1c
  • The houndeye bridge: bm_c4a1c1


  • Arrival: bm_c4a3a
  • After first controller fight, in the canyon: bm_c4a3a1
  • When encountering the grates that need to get molten by green acid: bm_c4a3b
  • Another cave with green acid riddles: bm_c4a3b1
  • Shortly before arriving at the factory entrance, where the first jumping Alien Grunts spawn: bm_c4a3b2
  • Before starting the assembly line riddle: bm_c4a3c
  • Assembly line riddle, before controller ambush: bm_c4a3c1
  • Assembly line riddle, before going up the flesh trampolines: bm_c4a3c2
  • Second waste disposal area, shortly before starting the elevator section: bm_c4a3d
  • At the end of the elevator sequence shortly before the teleporter to Nihilanth: bm_c4a3d1


  • Arrival: bm_c4a4a

End Game

  • Kaboooooooooooooooooooooooom: bm_c4a5a

Chapter 2: How to Enable Cheats in Black Mesa

To make use of the cheats in Black Mesa, you need to enable the developer console. The developer console is a powerful tool that allows you to input commands and activate various cheats. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enable cheats in Black Mesa:

How to Enable Cheats in Black Mesa
  1. Launch the game and navigate to the main menu.
  2. Select “Options” and then click on “Keyboard.”
  3. Look for the “Advanced” button and click on it.
  4. Check the box that says “Enable Developer Console” and click “Apply.”
  5. Press the tilde (~) key to open the developer console during gameplay.

Chapter 3: Essential Black Mesa Cheats

Now that you have the developer console enabled, let’s explore some essential Black Mesa cheats that can enhance your gameplay:

3.1 God Mode

God mode is one of the most sought-after cheats in Black Mesa, as it grants the player invincibility, making you immune to damage. To activate god mode, open the developer console and type in the following command:


3.2 Infinite Ammo

Running out of ammo can be frustrating, especially during intense combat situations. With the infinite ammo cheat, you’ll never have to worry about reloading again. To enable infinite ammo, open the developer console and enter the following command:

impulse 101

3.3 No Clip

The no clip cheat allows you to walk through walls and objects, granting you unrestricted access to every corner of the game world. To activate the no clip cheat, open the developer console and type in the following command:


3.4 Spawn Weapons and Items

If you’re in need of a specific weapon or item, you can use the spawn cheat to instantly add it to your inventory. Open the developer console and enter the following command:

give [weapon/item name]

Replace [weapon/item name] with the desired weapon or item name. For example, to spawn a shotgun, you would enter:

give weapon_shotgun

Chapter 4: Advanced Cheats and Strategies

In this chapter, we’ll explore some advanced cheats and strategies that can give you an edge in Black Mesa:

4.1 Speed Boost

Need to get from point A to point B quickly? The speed boost cheat can help you move at an accelerated pace. Open the developer console and enter the following command:

sv_cheats 1; host_timescale [value]

Replace [value] with a number greater than 1 to increase your movement speed. Experiment with different values to find the optimal speed that suits your playstyle.

4.2 Gravity Manipulation

With the gravity manipulation cheat, you can control the gravitational pull in Black Mesa. This can be particularly useful for navigating difficult areas or gaining an advantage in combat. Open the developer console and enter the following command:

sv_gravity [value]

Replace [value] with a number between 0 and 800. Lower values will decrease gravity, allowing you to jump higher, while higher values will increase gravity, making you fall faster. Find the gravity setting that best suits your needs.

4.3 AI Manipulation

Want to spice up your gameplay? The AI manipulation cheat allows you to control the behavior of non-player characters (NPCs) in Black Mesa. Open the developer console and enter the following command:

ai_disable 1

This command disables the AI, making the NPCs inactive. You can also experiment with other AI-related commands to alter their behavior and create unique scenarios.


In conclusion, Black Mesa cheats provide players with a range of options to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for invincibility, unlimited resources, or the ability to manipulate game mechanics, cheats can offer a new level of excitement and customization. By enabling the developer console and utilizing the cheats discussed in this guide, you’ll have the upper hand in Black Mesa.

Remember, cheats are meant to be used in single-player mode or in a controlled environment. It’s important to respect the integrity of multiplayer gameplay and avoid using cheats that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.

So, go ahead and explore the world of Black Mesa cheats. Unlock hidden features, overcome challenges, and enjoy the game to its fullest. May your adventures in Black Mesa be filled with excitement, discovery, and triumph!

Happy gaming!