Fix Better Discord Crashing When Opening Settings!

The Better Discord application has been experiencing a critical issue where it crashes upon attempting to open the settings menu. This problem has been reported by several users, and despite various attempts to resolve it, the issue persists. In this article, we will explore the problem, share user experiences, and provide some potential solutions that have been suggested by the Better Discord community.

Fix Better Discord Crashing When Opening Settings!

User Reports and Discussions

Numerous users have encountered the crashing problem when accessing the settings in Better Discord (better Discord crashing when I open settings). One user, CrashRider2002, opened the issue on Feb 18 and mentioned having already reinstalled Better Discord without any plugins, but the issue persisted. Other users, such as Momo1352 and Technetium1, offered potential solutions involving the deletion of certain folders and reinstalling both Discord and Better Discord. However, these solutions did not prove effective for everyone.

Fix Better Discord Crashing When Opening Settings!

Quick Fix for Better Discord Crashing When Opening Settings

If you’re experiencing issues with Better Discord crashing when attempting to access the settings menu, try the following quick fix:

  • Download the file from this link: [Insert the provided download link].
  • Press Win+R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog.
  • Enter “%appdata%/betterdiscord/data” in the Run dialog and press Enter.
  • Fully quit Discord by using Alt+F4.
  • Move the downloaded file to the folder you opened in step 3, replacing the existing “betterdiscord.asar” file.
  • Restart Discord.

Please note that this solution may not work for everyone, as the crashing issue can have various underlying causes. For further assistance and additional fixes, it is recommended to visit the Better Discord Discord channel, where you can find a support forum and known-issues section.

Remember to stay connected with the Better Discord community for updates and further guidance on resolving this problem.

Debugging and Logging

Some users attempted to enable the Better Discord DevTools and Debug Logs to identify potential errors. However, this approach proved challenging for users who experienced crashes immediately upon clicking on the settings icon, preventing them from accessing these options. The limitations of this method were highlighted by Irowithinstars, who pointed out the inability to enable devtools or debug logs due to the crash occurring too quickly.

Alternative Fixes

A user named DorianDescamps reported encountering the same issue even with no active plugins. Another user, Kirit-00, shared a potential solution they found on the Better Discord Discord channel. According to their post, by downloading a specific file, replacing it in the Better Discord data folder, and fully quitting Discord, the crashing issue could be resolved. However, it is important to note that this solution might not work for everyone.

Community Support and Additional Resources

The Better Discord community has been actively addressing this issue. They have a dedicated support forum and a known-issues section where users can find more information and potential fixes. Users are encouraged to join the Better Discord Discord channel for further assistance and to stay up to date on the latest developments regarding this problem.


The Better Discord crashing issue when attempting to open settings has been a significant concern for users. Despite various attempts to resolve it, such as reinstalling both Discord and Better Discord or enabling debug logs, the problem persists for many individuals. While some potential solutions have been suggested, including a specific file replacement, it is important to recognize that not all users may find these solutions effective. Therefore, staying connected with the Better Discord community and utilizing available resources for support and updates is crucial for those experiencing this problem.