Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0A [Latest 2024]

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with Talon, Arena Returns, and Exciting Changes

Wild Rift Patch 5.0A is set to usher in the Year of the Dragon with a slew of exciting updates, including the introduction of a new champion, Talon, and the return of the highly anticipated Arena game mode. As we delve into the comprehensive patch notes, players can look forward to a Lunar Extravaganza event, champion adjustments, and a host of skins to adorn their favorite characters.

Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0

Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0A Table

New ChampionTalon, The Blade’s Shadow
Champion Release DateFebruary 23 at 00:01 UTC
EventsLunar Extravaganza: Year of the Dragon
Event Start DateFebruary 8 at 00:01 UTC
Game ModeArena is back on February 2 at 00:01 UTC
Champion ChangesGaren: Decisive Strike and Judgment damage increase
Aurelion Sol: Optimized maneuverability during Astral Flight
Syndra: Base Health increase, Dark Sphere damage adjustment
Zyra: Adjustments to Thorn Spitter health and Deadly Spines damage
Ziggs: Changes to Short Fuse, Bouncing Bomb damage, and cooldown
Sivir: Ricochet damage ratio tweak
Fizz: Urchin Strike and Rending Wave damage adjustments
Twitch: Base Attack Damage and Spray and Pray damage adjustments
Yuumi: Bop ‘n’ Block and You and Me! ability changes
ARAM Changes: Various adjustments to damage for several champions
Arena ChangesHextech Augment: Tweaks to Tank It or Leave It (Gold) and Lightning Strikes (Gold)
MechanicsChampion Cameos: Introduced during Round 2, 7, and every round after 7
Champion Ability ChangesVarious adjustments for Nasus, Katarina, Thresh, Braum, Gragas, and Rengar abilities
Champion Base Stat AdjustmentsBuffs and nerfs for various champions
Gameplay ChangesItems: Adjustments to Titanic Hydra, Heartsteel, and Strategic Point
Matchmaking OptimizationIncreased weight of winning/losing games in matchmaking mechanism
SkinsNew Skins: Dragon Lantern Graves, Aatrox, Thresh, Zeri, Zyra, Prestige Dragon Lantern Aatrox, Guqin Sona, Lovestruck Ezreal, Lovestruck Lux, High Noon Katarina, Leona, Samira, Varus Talon, Twitch, Prestige High Noon Lucian
Skin Release DatesFebruary 8 (Dragon Lantern Skins), February 14 (Guqin Sona, Lovestruck Ezreal, Lovestruck Lux), February 23 (High Noon Katarina, Leona, Samira, Varus Talon, Twitch, Prestige High Noon Lucian)

1. New Champion: Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

  • Release Date: February 23 at 00:01 UTC.

The highlight of Patch 5.0A is the introduction of Talon, the Blade’s Shadow. This merciless killer, known for striking without warning and escaping undetected, is set to carve a dangerous reputation on the streets of Noxus. Adopted by the notorious Du Couteau family, Talon will be available for play starting February 23 at 00:01 UTC.

2. Event: Lunar Extravaganza – Year of the Dragon

  • Event begins on February 8 at 00:01 UTC.

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, Wild Rift presents the Lunar Extravaganza event starting on February 8 at 00:01 UTC. Players can embark on a journey to obtain the Lunar Guardian skin for Aurelion Sol absolutely free. The event also features three chromas, red pockets, and opportunities to earn poro energy or coveted skins by playing games and sending red pockets to friends.

3. Game Mode: Arena Returns

  • Arena returns on February 2 at 00:01 UTC.

Arena enthusiasts rejoice, as Patch 5.0A brings back the beloved Arena game mode on February 2 at 00:01 UTC. Players can sit back, grab a drink, and immerse themselves in the intense battles that Arena has to offer.

4. Champion Changes: Balancing the Rift

Wild Rift developers have addressed the gameplay balance with champion adjustments, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience. Notable changes include buffs to Garen, Aurelion Sol, Syndra, Zyra, Ziggs, and Sivir, while champions like Twitch and Fizz receive adjustments to maintain a fair playing field.

  1. Garen:
    • Decisive Strike: Damage increased.
    • Judgment: Damage per on-hit increased.
  2. Aurelion Sol:
    • Astral Flight: Optimized maneuverability.
  3. Syndra:
    • Base Health increased.
    • Dark Sphere: Damage increased.
  4. Zyra:
    • Garden of Thorns: The Health of Thorn Spitter increased.
    • Deadly Spines: Damage increased.
  5. Ziggs:
    • Short Fuse: Increased damage to turret.
    • Bouncing Bomb: Damage increased, cooldown reduced.
  6. Sivir:
    • Ricochet: Damage ratio adjusted.
  7. Fizz:
    • Urchin Strike: Damage adjusted.
    • Rending Wave: Empowered basic attack damage adjusted.
  8. Twitch:
    • Base Attack Damage reduced.
    • Spray and Pray: Bonus Attack Damage gained reduced.
  9. Yuumi:
    • Bop ‘n’ Block: New passive added.
    • You and Me!: Adaptive power adjusted.
    • Yuumi changes go live on February 14 at 00:01 UTC.

5. ARAM Changes: Strategic Tweaks

The ARAM mode sees adjustments to the damage output of various champions, adding a layer of strategic depth to the fast-paced game mode.

6. Arena Changes: Hextech Augments and Mechanics

Hextech Augments in Arena undergo modifications in gold cost and effects. Additionally, Champion Cameos make their debut during specific rounds, adding a visually engaging element to the battlefield. Champion Ability Changes for Nasus, Katarina, Thresh, Braum, Gragas, and Rengar enhance gameplay dynamics.

7. Champion Base Stat Adjustments: Balancing Act

To maintain a balanced playing field, Patch 5.0A introduces buffs to champions such as Evelynn, Garen, Nasus, and others, while implementing nerfs to Vayne, Brand, Gwen, and more.

8. Gameplay Changes: Strategic Tweaks and Matchmaking Optimization

Items like Titanic Hydra and Heartsteel undergo adjustments to enhance their impact in team fights. Strategic Points become more challenging to trigger, promoting strategic decision-making. Matchmaking optimization places increased weight on game outcomes for improved accuracy, optimizing the matchmaking mechanism for edge cases.

9. Skins Galore: Express Yourself in Style

Patch 5.0A introduces a plethora of skins to the Wild Rift universe, including the Dragon Lantern series, Prestige Dragon Lantern Aatrox, Guqin Sona, Lovestruck Ezreal, Lovestruck Lux, and the High Noon series. Players can adorn their favorite champions with these visually stunning skins, released on February 8 and February 14.


Wild Rift Patch 5.0A is a celebration of the Year of the Dragon, bringing a new champion, exciting events, and a myriad of balance changes to enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the Wild Rift, these updates promise an immersive and thrilling journey through the Rift. Dive into the action, embrace the new features, and savor the Year of the Dragon in Wild Rift!