I Will Remain A Muslim Without Hijab, Jennifer Groot

I Will Remain A Muslim Without Hijab, Jennifer Groot

Jennifer Groot, an American singer who converted to Islam seven years ago, says she is tired of living up to the expectations of others.

Recently, Jennifer shared photos of herself without hijab, openly talking about people’s expectations of her after converting to Islam and trying to meet them.

At the beginning of her detailed post, Jennifer wrote, “I know I will face criticism for this post and a new controversy will arise, but I am mentally prepared for it.”

“I had to take a break from social media to keep my mental state in order,” he said. Explaining the reason for the high pressure on social media, he wrote that here I am trying to live according to the ‘unrealistic expectations’ of the Muslim community and because of this I have lost my identity more than once.

“After more than seven years, I have been posting pictures without hijab, and I am sure I will still be a Muslim because hijab is definitely a duty,” he said.

“I believe that covering the head is a ‘duty’, so I am certainly not trying to discourage any woman from wearing the hijab, but at the same time I want to say that every day I myself Presenting him as a person who is not me is destroying my caste.

“It’s only because I have a good voice and when I recite the Qur’an, people are expecting me to be a role model,” he wrote.

“My platform is a blessing as well as a responsibility,” Jennifer wrote. Allah has given me a lot, including the ability to recite, and it is an honor that should not be taken lightly. ‘

“Let me tell my fans here that not only my ability to recite is my appreciation, but I also have many other interests, for example, I like to sing and write poetry, I like language, games and dance,”.

At the end of her detailed post, Jennifer wrote: ‘Maybe one day you will look the way you want to see me and the rest of the day you may look at me the way you never imagined, I have so many flaws. May Allah forgive us all. ‘

Jennifer urges people to stop judging people on the basis of their appearance without knowing it, because “whoever recites the Qur’an is superior to others and I am only a source, other than that.” Nothing.’

“I’m tired of living up to the expectations of others,” he wrote in a recent tweet.