Ye Company Nain Chaly GI – A Book By Sohail Warraich’s Off From Stores

"Ye Company Nain Chaly GI" A Book By  Sohail Warraich’s Off From Stores

In September 2020, his recent book titled Yeh Company Nahin Chale Gi (this company won’t run) was off from the bookstores in Pakistan thanks to objections on and reservations a few cartoons on its cover.

A new book written by renowned Pakistani journalist Sohail Warraich was off from various bookstores within the country after some government institutions allegedly objected to its cover.

“These columns are already published, it’s a compilation, and it’s the title that they need reservations on,” he said while reproval a global news channel.

The book Yeh Company Nahi Chale Gi (this company won’t run) may be a compilation of his already published columns. The book had a cartoon of Prime Minister Imran Khan and armed forces Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on its cover.

“As far as I do know, the contents are identical because the already published columns,” Warraich was quoted as saying. “As I came to understand, some quarters have reservations regarding the title [of the book].

“Obviously, these cartoons are made in an exceedingly light mood. and that they are seen during a light tone. Despite this, after I was being asked till late at nighttime by my friends and my group, we deleted it from my Twitter.”

The analyst said that they’ll change the duvet of the book but he didn’t think there was anything objectionable in it.