How to Start a Shawarma Stall in Islamabad Pakistan and How Much you can Earn from a Shawarma Stall in a month?

 How to Start a Shawarma Stall in Islamabad Pakistan

The Fast food business is growing much faster after the corona pandemic due to many of the young people lost their jobs and they are starting their own business with little investment. People are searching on quora and google for How to start a Shawarma Stall in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan?

In this article, we will let you know about how to Start Fast food Business, Shawarma, Burger, and Chips stall in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

How to Start a Shawarma Business/stall in Rawalpindi- Islamabad. Pakistan?

Before starting any fast food business, there are some important things you should know for a successful business. Here’s the important notes.

Things required to start Fastfood Business?

1- Investment
2- Location
3- Training
4- Earning

1- Investment: How Much Does it Cost to Start a Fast food/Shawarma Business in Rawalpindi, Islamabad?

The minimum investment you need to start a shawarma & burger business is 100000 PKR (excluding location rent, You can assume Rs.15000 as minimum rent for a stall). You have to buy a steel counter (a steel-made counter is recommended by the food department of Pakistan for burgers and shawarma and other fast food business for consumers’ health and safety, Pakistan food department is not allowing an iron made counter for fast food business you may pay heavy fines if you are using an iron counter). 

To start your business with minimum investment, we recommend you buy a second-hand counter which you can buy from OLX. You can get a second-hand shawarma counter for 60000 to 80000 PKR, But if you want to buy a new counter, the starting price will be 115000 and you can buy it from Lahore and Gujranwala. 

One shawarma counter coming with burger and potato chips Frayer in 5 to 6 feet length for rupees 70000. Instead of selling the shawarma only, you can sell all three items to maximize your customers and profit as well.

2- Location: How to choose the best location for the fast food business in Islamabad and Rawalpindi?

One of the most important things for a successful fast food business is your location. You have to choose a busy location in a posh area. You can share a location with the shop owner to minimize your monthly rent or you can also find a free location if you are not willing to pay rent.

3- Training: How go get Free Training and recipes for the fast-food business?

Training is a necessary part of any business. Before starting a fast food business first visit a nearly fast food business that has a good reputation in the area and work there for at least 7 days for free to learn, how to deal with customers on a fast-food stall. 

Most fast-food business owners would not like to share their recipes with anyone, You can learn the recipes from youtube. I recommend you to watch BaBa FooD RRC Youtube channel, here you can find every fast food recipe for commercial purposes for Fast food Business in Pakistan.

4- Earning – How Much you can Earn from a Shawarma Stall in a month?

From a small Shawarma stall that opens at 12 pm and closes at 12am night can earn 3000 to 4000 per day and 90000 to 100000 per month if the sale is 100 shawarmas a day. If you are selling burgers and chips as well you can double your earnings.

The rate of shawarma is 100 and if you sell 100 a day the total sale will be 10000. The cost of 1 shawarma is 60 to 65 each, You can save 30 to 35 rupees on each sale.

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This calculation is based on the lowest sale with a maximum cost. You can calculate the profit by maximizing the sale and minimize the cost price according to your service. 

Note: This article is totally based on research and interviews with the fast-food business owners, those running a successful business for many years. You have to wait for at least one to two months to see the results of your business. If your business is not improving day by day, you have to change your location, not your business. 

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