What Rare Things Bakhtawar Bhutto’s Wedding Dress Was Made Of?

Bakhtawar Bhutto's Wedding Dress Was Made

There is a lot of talk about the wedding of Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, the eldest daughter of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who tied the knot with industrialist Mahmood Chaudhry on January 29 last month.

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari wore a golden pink dress to the wedding, which was designed by Pakistani fashion designer Warda Saleem.

It is to be noted that in Bakhtawar Bhutto’s wedding and celebrations, there were various speculations about her dress and how she would dress on the important day of her life.

Since the release of photos of their marriage ceremony, there have been rumors on social media that Bakhtawar Bhutto’s dress was embroidered with gold wire and diamonds.

In addition, there was speculation on social media that Bakhtawar Bhutto’s wedding dress was the most expensive and its price was in crores. Although Bakhtawer Bhutto will wear her mother’s dress on her engagement.

Recently, designer Warda Saleem released details about the making of Bakhtawar Bhutto’s dress in various posts on the social media app Instagram.

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The post said that Bakhtawar Bhutto’s dress did not have gold or diamonds in it but it was pure devotion and attention.

It was further said that at Warda Saleem, we produce invaluable masterpieces with high-quality local quality materials which are a testament to our craftsmanship and our ability.

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In this regard, in an interview given to BBC Urdu Service, fashion designer Warda Saleem said that all the speculations about the price of Bakhtawar Bhutto’s clothes are not true at all.

Warda Saleem said that neither gold wire nor diamonds were used in Bakhtawar Bhutto’s clothes.

Regarding the manufacture of Bakhtawar Bhutto’s clothes, he said that as a brand we use equipment which is very sophisticated and this dress also used the best and finest quality goods available in the local market.

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Warda Saleem said that pearls, silk thread, silver and gold thread, French knots, embroidery work, silver, and gold leatherwork were done in the preparation of Benazir Bhutto’s eldest daughter’s wedding dress.

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He also said that the cloth of Bakhtawar Bhutto’s wedding couple is also handmade chiffon which is made locally.

The designer said that there were unrealistic rumors about the dress on social media which came as a great surprise.

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Warda Saleem added that if many people said that gold wire was used or diamonds were attached, then we can say that the work itself was so exquisite that people thought it was and in a way it is our praise.

Regarding the making of the most important day dress of Bakhtawar Bhutto’s life, Warda Saleem said that 45 artisans took part in the making of this dress.

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He said that it took more than 7,000 hours to make Bakhtawar Bhutto’s clothes, ie about 6 to 7 months, during which 24 hours were worked in double shifts for 2 to 3 months.

Warda Saleem said that it took so long to make the dress because the dress has been handcrafted and very good quality material has been used.

Bakhtawar Bhutto's Walima Dress

It should be noted here that every day Bakhtawar had a different and unique style in wedding ceremonies and the designers of henna, nikah, and walima dresses were also different.

He wore a dress made by Zara Shah Jahan on henna, while on a henna dupatta he also wrote a poem to be recited for his mother.

Bakhtawar Bhutto appeared in different ways at the funeral ceremony, he wore a bottle of green color on which the work of Gote was done.

At the same time, she wore a face mask to protect herself from the coronavirus.

William’s dress was designed by designer Harris Ahmed, which took 800 hours to make and also used ‘Sucha Gota’.

Bakhtawar Bhutto's walima Wedding Dress