Who is Handy Arsal, The Most Popular Actress in Turkey?

Actress Handy Arsal (Hande Erçel - born 24 November 1993) who played the lead role in the Turkish drama industry's most popular drama "Where in Love Words", has made a name for herself on social media.

The number of followers has increased on the verified account of Turkish actress Handy Arsal on the social media site Instagram.

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Handy Arsal's (Hande Erçel) Instagram followers have reached 20 million, making her the first Turkish actress to be followed by 20 million users on Instagram.

Judging by the Turkish actress's Instagram account, she has so far posted only 475 posts, including photos of the actress's new projects and her family photos.

Handy Arsal's (Hande Erçel), on the other hand, has only 386 followers from his Instagram account, including his co-stars and loved ones.

It should be noted that Handy Arsal's (Hande Erçel) is the most popular actress and model in the Turkish showbiz industry. Her drama 'Where is Love in Words' was very popular in Pakistan which is why Handy Arsal is also gaining popularity in Pakistan.

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