Yumna Zaidi Shared Her Sufi Poetry on Instagram

Yumna Zaidi Shared Her Sufi Poetry on Instagram

Innocent-looking actress Yumna Zaidi has shared her beautiful Sufi Poetry (kalam) on Instagram.

Due to her lively and excellent acting, Yumna Zaidi, who has adapted to all kinds of roles, does not look very active on social media. Yamna Zaidi is very fond of art and literature, which can be gauged from her poetic nature Is.

Yemeni Zaidi has shared a video a few hours ago in which she is reciting her own written Sufi scripture to her fans which is being well received by internet users.

Yamna Zaidi, an actress with 4.1 million followers on Instagram, has dubbed her Sufi word ‘Sukoon’.

While reciting the Sufi Kalam, Yemeni Zaidi himself seems to be calm on the coffee immersed in it. The Sufi Kalam words of Yemeni Zaidi are as follows:

’بہت وقت کے بعد دل کا بلاوا آیا،

جو آیا تو بے انتہا آیا، حضور اُس کے ہم سجدوں میں گِرے،

سکوں آیا تو بے انتہا آیا،

یقیں بحال ہوا یہ کیا کمال ہوا، آنکھ سے آنسوں زار و قطار ہوا،

اس شکر کی سانس کا کوئی مول نہیں، جمالِ یار کا کوئی جوڑ نہیں،

خواہشِ دل تمام ہوئی، آج کی رات سکوں کی رات ہوئی۔‘

Yemeni Zaidi’s video of this Sufi word has received thousands of likes and comments so far in which his fans are impressed by his art and taste.