Is Ghana Ali’s Husband Already Married?

Is Ghana Ali's Husband Already Married?

Actress Ghana Ali, who recently tied the knot, came under fire after sharing photos of her husband.

Actress Ghana Ali shared various photos of her marriage on Instagram Story. After the photos came to light, a series of different comments started from social media users.

Ghana Ali's Husband
Ghana Ali ane Her Husband

Social media users sometimes called her husband an uncle or someone asked the actress if she had found someone to marry.

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Ghana Ali also reacted to the criticism of a user in which she said that I request you to say anything to me but not to say anything about my husband.

Syed Ubaid Syed Ubaid

on Monday

It is really shocking and appalling to see what rich powerful men of our society are capable of doing! The so called millionaire boss of Karachi Mr Umair can be seen below with his wife and son and how within 2 months his wifes world came crashing down when he started an affair with the famous actress Ghana Ali! Pictures are circulating today of Umairs marriage with Ghana Ali over the internet whereas his first wife and son had no idea this was going on. Is It even legal to marry a second wife without leaving the first?

Ghana Ali's Husband first wife pic

Later, pictures of Ghana Ali’s husband’s alleged first wife and child also went viral on the internet.

Facebook user Syed Obaid Ali Shah shared a photo and claimed that it was a photo of Ghana Ali’s first husband and their child.

He said, “It is really amazing to see what the richest men in our society are capable of. The so-called millionaire of Karachi, Mr. Umair can be seen in the picture with his wife and son and the affair with actress Ghana Ali started. How his wife’s life was ruined in just 2 months.