Ali Zafar’s Nana Passed Away

 Ali Zafar's Nana Passed Away

World-renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar’s grandfather has passed away, which he reported in his social media message.

On the micro-blogging site Twitter, Ali Zafar shared some memorable photos of his late grandfather’s life with which he also recorded an emotional message.

Ali Zafar wrote in his tweet that ‘My grandfather! Muhammad Amin, who was very close to me and has been my idol since childhood.

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“My grandfather was a self-made man who always taught us the importance of hard work, honesty, compassion, and caring for others,” the singer wrote.”Today my grandparents have passed away,” he wrote emotionally.

Ali Zafar added, “My grandfather’s life cannot be summed up in a few lines.”

The singer also appealed to fans to pray for his grandfather’s forgiveness.

Fans are expressing deep sorrow over the sad news of Ali Zafar’s grandfather’s death.