Best Home Insurance in 2022-2023 United States

Best Home Insurance in 2022-2023 United States

Your home is not only the house you live in, but also the people who live in it. That is why protecting it is essential to guarantee your peace of mind in the event of an incident or loss that causes damage to your property or that of third parties. 

Therefore, let’s see below which are the best home insurance 2021 and what to take into account when hiring your policy.

How to Choose Best home insurance in 2022-23?

Considerations when hiring home insurance

Home insurance is one of the best investments you can make to guarantee your financial protection and that of your family, so it is important to make the right decision when choosing an insurance company. Let’s look at some important aspects that you should take into account when looking for the best home insurance for you:

  • Know the characteristics of the home and establish the protection needs. 
  • Choose an insurer that is recognized for its home insurance.
  • Carefully study the coverage and exclusions, as well as the complimentary coverage and the conditions in each case.
  • Know the real value of the content (goods such as furniture, appliances, personal effects) and the container (the infrastructure of the property) of the house, since the final price of the premium will depend on this. Remember that the more content you add to the policy, the higher the premium. 
  • Compare different home insurance options and see what additional benefits the company offers. For this, you can use online home insurance comparators.
  • Choose the type of compensation that best suits your assets, whether it is a replacement, replacement, or cash compensation for the damage to the insured assets. 
  • Keep in mind that depending on the area of ​​the home, its age and size, its use, and other characteristics of the environment, the price of your home insurance may vary. 
  • Hiring home insurance is a requirement when signing a mortgage, but it is not mandatory that it be at the same bank. You can look for the insurer or bank that best suits you to hire your insurance.

Having analyzed these basic considerations, let’s see which are the best home insurance for 2022-23:

List of Best home insurance 2022:

1- Catalana Occidente

Catalana de Occidente is one of the best insurers in the country, and its home insurance is among the best for offering ample flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client.

We highlight in this list the Family-Home Insurance, multi-risk insurance that includes even your pets.

  • Custom insurance, with the coverage you really need for your home.
  • Home assistance, legal defense, telephone medical advice, and more.
  • 24-hour technical service.
  • Remote or face-to-face technical assistance.
  • Services for your pets.
  • Discount for Community Insurance clients.
  • Advice in case you are going to rent the property. 

The Family – Home of Catalana Occidente insurance covers:

  • Damage caused by fire, explosion, smoke, weather conditions, vandalism, water seepage, leaks, crashes, and vehicle impacts, among others.
  • Expenses derived from claims: location and repair of pipes, extinction, salvage of goods, debris, replacement of documents, aesthetic recovery.
  • Theft and looting of valuables, robbery outside the home, and damage to the continent. 
  • Broken glass, mirrors, countertops, and ceramic hobs.
  • Civil liability.

2- Best home insurance 2022-23: AXA

AXA’s home insurance is very complete and has coverages adapted to the new needs of users. It includes protection for domestic staff and telecare services for the elderly or dependents. They guarantee the dispatch of a professional in case of breakdowns in 3 hours or less, and if they arrive later, the insurance compensates the client with 1,500 euros.

Its price is also quite competitive and offers different levels of protection to suit you. You can create your home insurance with the coverage you need, so that you do not have to pay more, always with the advice of an expert who will accompany you in the hiring process.

3- MAPFRE Insurance – Best for Home Insurance

MAPFRE is characterized by offering excellent service and very complete coverage. It has home assistance, DIY service, protection of technological devices, theft and theft inside and outside the home (the latter very important) and other exclusive services. Basic coverages offer a good price, although it increases as other coverages are added.

Mapfre Home Insurance offers three forms of contract:

You Choose Home: You can customize your insurance with whatever you need.
Family Home: Includes legal defense, coverage against robberies and computer assistance.
Platinum Home: Includes moving service, Digital Protection for minors and covers accidental breakage of objects.

4- Reale Seguros: Best for Home Insurance

Reale’s Home Insurance is one of the most complete in terms of price/quality, and without paying for coverage that you are not going to use. Its coverage for all accidental risks stands out, which compensates for the breakage of televisions with a low franchise, and the repair of appliances can also be added at an affordable cost.

Reale offers you 4 modalities for your home insurance:

  • Main Home Insurance: It is the most complete policy, it includes damage to the property, DIY, Servihogar, damage to luggage, legal protection, furniture transfer costs, breakdown, and support of computer equipment, among others.
  • Home Rental Insurance: For clients with leased properties, this option is more appropriate. Protects the home from major risks and keeps the home habitable and compliant with rental laws. 
  • Home Insurance Vacation Home: For properties of occasional use, this policy offers basic coverage with quick and simple solutions. 
  • Unoccupied Home Insurance: If you have a house it is uninhabited, it may suffer damage without you reacting in time, so it is better to have it insured.

5- Allianz

Allianz Home Insurance offers you a multi-risk policy tailored to your home and your needs. Covers against damage to the property, offers 24-hour assistance, legal assistance and medical advice when hiring your home insurance policy. Among the qualities that distinguish this insurance are:

Technician to attend domestic emergencies in less than 3 hours.

  • Legal defense for legal issues related to housing.
  • 24/7 home assistance.
  • Medical line.
  • Digital expertise, without waiting.
  • Weather alerts. 
Basic Home Insurance with theft
Optimal Home Insurance
Extra Home Insurance
All Risk Home Insurance
Theft inside the home
Fire, damage caused by leaks and pipe breaks
Breakage of glass, marble and earthenware
Damage from heavy rain or wind
Robbery on the street
Theft of money inside the home
Pipe breaks even if they do not cause damage
Pest Control Service
Seepage through walls and façade
Pest control
Personal expenses for an accident
Legal, IT and national and international travel assistance
Fire, robbery, robbery, damage by natural phenomena
Pipe breaks, whether or not they cause damage
3h DIY
Computer, legal, home and travel assistance

Tell us in the comments which one you think is the best home insurance 2022.