Benefits of Cell Phone Insurance Coverage. Should I Take It?

Benefits of Cell Phone Insurance Coverage. Should I Take It?

Table of Content

  • Cell phone insurance coverage
  • Should I take out cell phone insurance?
  • Insurers, banking institutions, and mobile phone companies that offer cell phone insurance

What is Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell phone insurance are policies that protect electronic devices against a possible loss, but is it really convenient to take out insurance of this type? In this article we are going to clear up your doubts about it, we will talk about:

  • Coverages that cover cell phone insurance.
  • The cost-benefit ratio of taking out insurance for your mobile device.
  • Insurers, banking institutions, and mobile phone companies offer this type of insurance because indeed, there are many options.

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Cell phone Insurance Coverage 

Obviously, there are a large number of plans, from basic to very complete, with different coverages that adapt to your needs and ability to pay, but in general, these are the coverages that cell phone insurance policies usually include: 

Theft with violence: An insured sum will be paid in case the electronic device is stolen with physical or verbal violence, it does not apply in case of loss. To make this coverage valid, it is a requirement to file a claim with the Public Ministry.

Fraud from the insured cell phone: If unauthorized cell phone calls are made, for example, extortion, within the first 24 hours after the theft, the insured sum will be paid.

Accidental Damage: This covers damage to your mobile device caused by accidents, such as drops or liquid spills. With some companies, this coverage applies only if the damage affects the functionality of the equipment.

Mechanical or electrical failure: Similarly, an insured sum is paid to repair mechanical or electrical failures that the equipment presents, as long as they are not factory defects covered in the warranty. 

Should I take out cell phone insurance?

Definitely, this answer depends largely on the value of your cell phone, if you have acquired your equipment making an economic effort or if you are still paying it on credit, the ideal would be to protect it, considering that there are policies with basic coverage from $ 27 pesos per month. 

It is important to say that according to the statistics of the National Telecommunications Association, this year, cell phone users in Mexico exceed 100 million and that only in Mexico City, around 450 cell phone thefts are reported every day. 

Carrying out a quick analysis of the figures, we consider that it is convenient that you protect your equipment with insurance that covers at least theft with violence and, if possible, repair or replacement in case of damage; With this, you would also be protecting the valuable and confidential information of your mobile device. 

Regarding the cost-benefit relationship, if we suppose that you would be paying approximately $ 500 pesos a year for your insurance and that in the event of an accident you would be receiving an average of $ 5,000 pesos to repair or replace your cell phone, then hiring cell phone insurance is no longer an expense and becomes an investment. 

Insurers, banking institutions and mobile phone companies that offer cell phone insurance

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you have many options to contract cell phone insurance, starting with the fact that some mobile phone companies offer this service for a small additional charge charged to your postpaid monthly payments. 

Other options are the banking institutions that charge the payment of your policy to your card or the insurers with which you can contract this type of insurance. Next, we will make a comparison of each of the options to contract cell phone insurance.


  • Monthly premium     $ 219
  • Term                         18-24 months
  • Coverage                 Physical damages, Electronic failure, Theft of equipment assured                  $ 5,000
  • Deductible              30%

2- Movistar

  • Monthly premium $ 184
  • Term          No forced deadline coverage stole, Material damage, Mechanical or electrical failures
  • Sum assured          $ 5,000
  • Deductible         30% for coverage of theft and material damage & 20% in case of mechanical or electrical failure

3. AT & T

  • Monthly premium     $ 139
  • Term Coverages         Material damage, Stole
  • Sum assured  $ 5,000
  • Deductible                 35% for theft coverage  & 30% in case of material damage


  • Monthly premium   $ 49
  • Term                        12 months
  • Coverage                 Robbery with violence, Fraud from the insured cell phones
  • Sum assured            $ 5,000 for robbery with violence  & $ 500 for fraud from
  • the insured cell phone
  • Deductible                10% for coverage of robbery with violence  &                                         0% in case of fraud from the insured cell phone


  • Monthly premium    $ 158
  • Term                         12 months
  • Coverage                 Loss of functionality due to accidental material damage,                    Robbery with violence
  • Sum assured            $ 10,000
  • Deductible               25%

6. Inbursa

  • Monthly premium     $ 59
  • Term                          12 months
  • Coverage                  Robbery with violence
  • Sum assured             $ 5,000
  • Deductible               Twenty%

7. AXA

  • Monthly premium    $ 85
  • Term                         12 months
  • Coverages                 Robbery with violence
  • Sum assured             $ 8,000
  • Deductible                $ 800

8. Zurich

  • Monthly premium      $ 25
  • Term                         No forced deadline
  • coverage                    Robbery with violence assured                 
  • Sum Assured $ 1,000
  • Deductible                 No deductible


  • Monthly premium          $ 138
  • Term                          12 months
  • coverage                 Robbery with violence
  • Sum assured  $ 5,000
  • Deductible                  30% 

We hope that this information is useful and helps you select the cell phone insurance option that best suits your needs, we also recommend you consult our article on laptop insurance