• What plans are available to ensure a truck
  • Additional coverages to insure a truck
  • How to get the best insurance for a truck?

Insuring a truck is almost as easy as insuring any car. There are some slightly more complicated details due to the use that is given to trucks, but in general, the coverage is very similar to that of cars. Truck insurance can even be purchased online.

What plans are available to Insure a Semi/Commercial truck?

The names of the different plans that exist to ensure a truck differ somewhat between different insurers, but in general, the following could be considered:

  • Basic, preventive or liability insurance package. It may include, among others, the following coverages:
    • Civil liability for damages to third parties and injuries.
    • Civil liability for the death.
    • Medical expenses to occupants.
    • Legal or legal assistance.
    • Roadside assistance. Some insurers include it in premium packages or as an additional endorsement.
    • Loading and unloading maneuvers. This is included in the Banorte Preventive policy.
  • Policy limited coverage or insurance protected. It has the following coverages, in addition to those mentioned in the previous point, since this plan also includes the basic package:
    • Total theft of insured truck.
    • Death of the driver due to a car accident. Many insurers do not offer it except as an additional endorsement.
    • Limited coverage Plus plans also include total loss due to property damage in some insurers.
  • Comprehensive or comprehensive coverage package. This plan includes the previous coverages of the basic plan and the limited coverage plan, according to the coverage of each insurer, plus the following:
    • Partial material damage was suffered by the truck.
    • Glass breakage.

The most comprehensive coverage plans add some additional coverage to those already mentioned.

Additional coverages to insure a truck

Each insurer establishes what additional coverage can be contracted with each package or plan. Some of the most common additional coverages are:

  • Civil liability for cargo damage.
  • Civil liability incurred by towing the trailer.
  • Ecological protection of civil liability.
  • Satellite assistance.
  • Civil liability for occupants.
  • Catastrophic civil liability.
  • Special team.
  • Adaptations and conversions.
How to get the best insurance for a truck
When insuring a truck, the coverage and the amounts insured for each of them should be clearly asked. This would be to get a quote. Subsequently, the same should be done with other insurers to obtain the best plan by comparison.

A simpler alternative for this is to request your quote by QuoraTV. We will take care of making the necessary comparisons to send you only the best options. So you can choose more easily.

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