Best Personal Loans In Spain 2021-22

Best Personal Loans In Spain 2021

In the following ranking of the best personal loans, we compare more than 10 different entities that offer personal loans for different purposes. 

You can compare the conditions of the best personal loans that different entities currently offer, without a specific purpose. We also analyze loan options that you can request if you are in RAI or ASNEF. Let’s see the offer of the best loans for this month of June 2021. 

Best personal loans of June 2021

Next, we show you a summary table with the characteristics of the best personal loans on the market. The following loans are all those that do not have a specific purpose, but we also compare, below, the best personal loans with home equity. If you want to know the details of each of these loans, you can find the specific information below:

NameTINAPRC. openingLinkagesASNEF?
Younited Credit Loan1.83%2.99%NotNotNot
Orange Loan3.99%4.06%NotOptionalNot
Cetelem loan5.95%6.12%NotNotNot
BBVA loan7.20%7.59%NotOptionalNot
Targobank loan4.95%5.43%YesYesNot
Sabadell loan8.75%11.43%YesYesNot
Bankinter loan4.95%5.06%YesOptionalNot
Openbank loan5.95%6.11%NotYesNot
Cofidis personal loan5.95%6.12%NotNotNot
Liberbank loan5.75%7.20%NotYesNot
Abanca personal loan8.95%10.20%YesOptionalNot
EVO personal loan8.45%9.27%NotYesNot

 As we said, we can find a long list of personal loans that can be used for a multitude of purposes: buying a car, home renovations, studies, medical expenses or travel, among others. The entities that we will see below will carry out a personalized study of your situation and needs to give you a financing offer that suits you. We leave you our ranking with the best personal loans for various purposes:

Cetelem personal loan

The personal loan from Cetelem is a 100% loan online that allows us to obtain funding for the project that we desire without having to link up or change banks.

  • Nominal interest rate: from 5.95% NIR (APR 6.12%) . The interest rate may vary depending on the amount, term and purpose of the loan.
  • Maximum financing: € 60,000
  • Minimum financing: € 4,000
  • Term: from 12 to 120 months
  • No commissions
  • Requirements: None. It is not necessary to change banks or provide guarantees.
  • Additional information: 100% online loan. 

ORANGE loan from ING

ING offers personal loans with very attractive interest rates , yes, the loans with the best interest rates are for those who are already ING clients, as they focus a lot on pre-granted loans. For example, for those people who have their payroll domiciled in the ING payroll account, an account without any type of commission, they will be able to access the low-interest rates that are set out below:

  • Interest rate: From 3.99% NIR (4.06% APR) if you are client.
  • Minimum financing: € 6,000 for clients and non-clients. Novelty!
  • Maximum financing: € 60,000
  • Term: from 12 to 84 months
  • Without links: it is not necessary to direct your payroll or take out additional insurance, but if you are a client, you can access the lowest interest rates on the market.
  • No commissions: It has no opening commission, neither partial amortization nor early cancellation.
  • Additional information: 100% online loan in which you receive the money in less than 15 minutes.
  • Purpose: no specific purpose

BBVA loan for non-clients

BBVA has launched a new personal loan without documents for non-clients without any type of connection. In addition, BBVA undertakes to respond to your loan request in less than 8 hours and if your request is finally viable, you will receive the money within a maximum period of 72 hours. You can receive the money immediately if you decide to create a checking account with BBVA, but it is not mandatory.

  • Purpose: Any
  • TIN: 7.20% (APR 7.59%)
  • Amount: from € 3,000 to € 20,000
  • Term: you have 24 to 96 months to return it
  • Linkages: open an account and direct debit payroll at BBVA, optionally, to obtain a discount on interest rates.
  • Commissions: Without study commission, opening. Amortization fee of 0.5% if there is less than 1 year to maturity, 1% if there is more than one year left.
  • Hiring 100% online 

Targobank personal loan

The Targobank personal loan is another of the loans without a specific purpose, that is, they serve to carry out the project you have in mind, no matter what it is. This loan has very attractive interest rates, but to access them you will have to take out payment protection insurance. Discover the rest of the features:

  • Purpose: Any
  • TIN: 4.95% (APR 5.43%)
  • Amount: up to € 60,000
  • Term: you have between 12 and 96 months to return it
  • Linkages: take out optional loan insurance to obtain discounted interest rates
  • Commissions: 0.50% opening
  • Hiring online or in offices 

Banco Sabadell Expansion Loan

The Banco Sabadell expansion loan is a personal loan that offers an initial grace period of 3 months, in which you will not have to pay anything. You can request it online or by visiting the nearest branch. The loan conditions are as follows:

  • Interest rate: 8.75% NIR (from 11.43% APR to 21.84%)
  • Maximum financing: € 60,000
  • Minimum financing: € 2,500
  • Term: 18 to 96 months
  • Opening commission: 2.50% (minimum € 75)
  • Study fee: 0.50% (minimum € 30)
  • Early repayment compensation: 0.50%
  • Requirements: direct debit of the payroll
  • More information: 24 hours to respond to your request and 24 hours to deposit the money. 

Bankinter personal loan

The Bankinter personal loan is a loan without a specific purpose. The general conditions of the loan can be seen below, but we must always bear in mind that they may vary depending on our profile:

  • Interest rate: from 4.95% NIR (5.06% APR)
  • Maximum financing: € 3,000
  • Minimum financing: € 90,000
  • Term: from 12 to 96 months
  • Links: hiring life insurance, optional to obtain the subsidized rates.
  • Commissions: 2%
  • Hiring online or in offices 

Openbank Personal Loan

The Openbank personal loan is a loan with good conditions, but that requires us to be clients for it to be granted. If you are thinking of becoming an Openbank client, you can consult the options of contracting the Openbank current account or payroll account without commissions . The loan conditions are as follows:

  • Nominal interest rate: 5.95% (6.11% APR)
  • Maximum financing: € 24,000
  • Minimum financing: € 300
  • Term: from 12 to 60 months
  • Requirements: domicile a payroll or pension, equal to or greater than € 900.
  • No commissions

 Counited Credit personal loan

Younited Credit is a somewhat peculiar entity since it does not offer financing by itself, but rather a platform that tries to put in contact with private savers who lend money to those who need said financing. For this reason, the interest rates are indicative and will always depend on the conditions of the loan to be requested and the profile of each user requesting financing:

  • Nominal interest rate: from 1.83% NIR (APR 2.99%). The interest rate may vary depending on the amount, term and purpose of the loan.
  • Maximum financing: € 50,000
  • Minimum financing: € 1,000
  • Term from 6 to 84 months
  • Requirements: Not appear in ASNEF files. It is not necessary to change banks or provide guarantees.
  • Commissions: Opening commission between 0% and 12% included in the APR calculation. Commission for total or partial amortization: 0%.
  • Additional information: 100% online loan, response within 48 hours.

Cofidis personal loan

The Cofidis personal loan is a personal loan that we can use for various purposes. The interest rates applied will vary depending on the simulation and specific study, but we can find an interest rate from 5.95% TIN.

  • Purpose: for various purposes.
  • From 5.95% NIR and 6.12% APR. TIN and maximum APR 19% and 20.77% respectively.
  • Minimum amount: € 4,000.
  • Maximum amount: € 15,000
  • Term: from 12 to 72 months.
  • Without links: it is not necessary to direct the payroll or take out additional insurance.
  • It has no opening commission.
  • Additional information: Money transfer in 24 hours.

    Liberbank Online Loan

    The Liberbank Online loan is one of the most competitive interest rate loans on the market. With direct debit of our payroll in Liberbank, it would be enough to access the discounted interest rates. The Liberbank online loan is a loan without commissions and with which you can have the money in 3 days. 

    • Interest rate: From 5.75% (7.20% APR) by direct debiting the payroll. 
    • Maximum financing: € 30,000
    • Minimum financing: € 5,000
    • Maximum term: 96 months
    • Minimum term: 12 months
    • No commissions
    • More information: you will have the money available in 3 days.