Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar’s Verbal Fight, Top Trend on Twitter

Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar's Verbal Fight, Top Trend on Twitter

Web Desk: Leading Pakistani actress Haniya Aamir and her former friend singer Asim Azhar’s war of words on social media, both became a top trend on Twitter.

According to the details, well-known actress, Haniya Aamir has been under the criticism of users since her viral video, while Asim Azhar’s meaningful meme tweet angered Haniya’s fans, while Asim Azhar’s fans are not far behind. His fans, including Haniya and Asim, are also verbally abusing each other.

Recently, a video of actress Haniya Aamir with singer Asher Wajahat went viral, after which she was targeted by social media users. In this video, Haniya Asher is with Wajahat and her brother Niall, and Wajahat is in bed. But there are blankets. Screenshots of the video were also shared on social media to present the whole scenario. However, Haniya deleted the video after a strong reaction from the fans.

Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar's Verbal Fight, Top Trend on Twitter

Asim Azhar’s reaction also came after the video went viral and was severely criticized by fans. Singer Asim Azhar shared a funny video made on senior Bollywood actor Anupam Kher on Twitter.

Actress Haniya Aamir reacted harshly to Asim Azhar’s tweet. Haniya Amir tweeted, “You can be either a celebrity or a bitter past.”

The criticism and reaction intensified when Haniya Aamir shared a video on Instagram in which she is sitting sadly in the room with her friend while her friend is trying to put a smile on her face. The actress wrote in the title of the video that she will live another day in a world where double standards of innocence have power and where there is no room for dissent, where if a man tries to insult a woman, his Praised but hated if a woman does it.

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On the other hand, Asim Azhar also shared an Instagram story in response. In his message, Asim Azhar wrote that for the last one and a half years, his supporters have been criticized, people have made fun of him everywhere, I have endured everything in silence for so long. Keep doing Now it has come to the point that one post has hurt everyone’s feelings, which was not really for anyone, I am very happy for the last year and a half, having a good time with my family and good music. Also making The singer wrote in his post that the purpose of sharing this post was to tell some people that there is a limit to human hearing, if you are human then I am also human.

Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar's Verbal Fight, Top Trend on Twitter

After this post, a large number of showbiz personalities are sending different messages to Haniya to cheer her up, while some personalities are also seen supporting Asim Azhar.