How to Solve Android Phones Overheating Problem

How to Solve Android Phones Overheating Problem
How to Solve Android Phones Overheating Problem

Table of Contents 

2- Solve the problem of overheating Android phone 

2 Reasons Your Android Phone Is Overheating 

3 Results of the hottest Android phone 

1- Why is your Android phone overheating? 

The reason for the heating of the phone is due to the presence of a processor inside the phone similar to the one in computers, and when it works, it generates heat, and the more difficult the work, the more heat is generated. 

Desktop and laptop computers use fans, or heatsinks; To cool the heat of the electric chips; To keep it safe and keep it running, but phones don’t have room for cooling equipment, which causes them to overheat.

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2- Solve the problem of overheating Android phones.

The problem of overheating of the Android phone can be solved, by following the following procedures: 

  • Avoid using the phone in direct sunlight and hot environments for extended periods of time.
  •  Update the phone’s operating system and installed applications, updates may contain performance improvements that may reduce the temperature of the phone. 
  • Avoid using animated wallpapers, or various home screen widgets. 
  • Avoid using apps that require a lot of processor power, uninstall battery-saving apps, and delete recent apps. 
  • Restart your phone to make sure that apps running in the background are not causing your phone to overheat. 
  • Use a charger that fits the type of phone, preferably from the same company that makes the phone; So as not to cause the phone to overheat while charging. 
  • Disconnect the phone from the charger; If it gets too hot during the charging process, close all open applications, then let it cool down before resuming charging. 
  • Check the battery history to see which apps are running when the phone is overheating, which might be the cause, then uninstall them.  

3- Results of the hottest Android phone 

The phone battery is very sensitive to high temperatures, especially above 30 degrees Celsius, as it accelerates its damage and reduces its charging capacity, and the heat may cause the battery to explode in the worst conditions, in addition to slowing the device down to the point where it cannot be used. To heat for a long time, it may damage its internal components