Janat Mirza, & Bushra Ansari Fight and Exchange of Harsh Words, What is the Matter?

Janat Mirza, & Bushra Ansari Fight and Exchange of Harsh Words, What is the Matter?

Leading actress Bushra Ansari and Tuck Tucker Janat Mirza have exchanged harsh words on social media.

While Bushra Ansari termed the social media stars as ‘ignorant’, Janat Mirza addressed the senior actress as Amanji and at the same time advised her to know the truth before criticizing.

In a video statement, Janat Mirza gave a detailed account of the whole incident, according to which he had received a chain as a PR package which he wore to make a tiktok.

According to Janat Mirza, he came to know from the comments of social media users that the holy symbol of Christians ‘Cross’ is associated with this China, for which he apologized to all.

It is to be noted that Janat Mirza had put the said chain on his pants against which a petition was filed by the Christian community in the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Posting a photo of the petition, Bushra Ansari wrote, “These ignorant stars have no knowledge of Islam or any other religion.”

Janat Mirza, & Bushra Ansari Fight and Exchange of Harsh Words, What is the Matter?

He later deleted the post, but the screenshot went viral on social media.

On this comment of Bushra Ansari, not only Janat Mirza but also her sister Alishba Anjum criticized the actress.

In his story, Janat Mirza wrote, “Please don’t form an opinion about anyone before you know them.

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Janat Mirza further said, “I respect you very much but you cannot defame anyone without knowing the truth. How can you talk about Islam, Aunty, you are not running any Tablighi Jamaat.”

Addressing Bushra Ansari, Janat Mirza wrote, “You also sing, you dance, you did dance performances on award shows, but today you criticize others, wow.”

“All I can say is take a look at your collar before criticizing anyone,” he added.

On the other hand, Janat Mirza’s sister Alishba Anjum criticized Bushra Ansari in the strongest terms and said that Bushra Ansari should not talk about Islam because acting, singing and dancing are not allowed in Islam.

Alishba said that he made a mistake from heaven. He is also very sad about it and he also apologized. Don’t know

Tuck Tucker’s sister said, “We know Islam very well. You don’t live in our house as you know. We know we make tuck tucks on songs. It’s very sinful, but in Islam there is a veil for women.” So why don’t you cover up? Singing and acting are not allowed in Islam.