Web Series Dhoop Ki Deewar is Demand to Ban By Social Media Users

Web Series Dhoop Ki Deewar is Demand to Ban By Social Media Users

Quora News Karachi: Actress Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir’s web series ‘Dhoop ki Deewar‘ is being banned on social media.

On June 15, 2021, the trailer of Ahad Raza Mir and Sajjal Ali’s web series ‘Dhoop ki Deewar’ was released. The trailer was released by Indian streaming channel Z5 on its YouTube channel and this web series will also be shown on Z5 from June 25. People were eagerly waiting for this project of Ahad Raza Mir and Sajjal Ali because both of them are seen together in a project after a long time.

However, after the release of the trailer, the web series was criticized on social media. Even on Twitter, social media cleaners are calling for a ban on the ‘Dhoop ki Deewar’.

Story of the Web Series Dhoop Ki Deewar

The story of the web series is a traditional story of tension between India and Pakistan which revolves around the violations of the Line of Control and the hardships faced by the families of the soldiers of both the countries who were martyred on the border.

In the web series, Ahad Razamir is playing the role of a Hindu boy and Sajjal Ali is playing the role of a Muslim girl. Both fathers are killed as a result of border tensions. After which both are seen making statements against each other in the media. 

Gradually, however, the animosity between the two characters has been shown to turn into friendship and liking, and they begin to realize that the tension between the two countries is not a war between the people living in those countries.

The trailer further shows that the two spend hours talking to each other on the internet and on the phone and defending each other from their families, but both of them have to face the bitterness of the family members. 

The story of this web series is written by author Umairah Ahmed. And on social media, people have raised many objections to this web series.

Objections to the web series Dhoop ki Deewar

1 – Hindu boy and Muslim girl

People say why the web series shows a boy as a Hindu and a girl as a Muslim. In response to this objection, Umairah Ahmed clarified that this is not a love story. 

The two characters in this web series are not shown loving each other and I don’t think we need a low story to talk about India and Pakistan’s mutual problems.

However, the trailer clearly shows the preference of Ahad Razamir and Sajjal Ali for each other. 

Also, the picture in the poster tells a love story. However, it is a matter of the trailer, the story will take a turn, it will be known only by watching the web series.

Calling Umairah Ahmed a traitor, some people not only demanded a ban on the ‘Dhoop ki Deewar‘ but also a ban on Umairah Ahmed.

2 – The Kashmir issue has been forgotten

Another point that is being raised by social media users is that Umairah Ahmed has forgotten the Kashmir issue and Kashmiris in this web series.

Responding to this objection, Umairah Ahmed said that the ‘Dhoop ki Deewar’ was not about the Kashmir issue. My position on the Kashmir issue is the same as that of other Pakistanis that it should be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions.

3 – The bi-national ideology was forgotten

Another objection that is being raised against Umairah Ahmed is that in this web series she has ignored the two national ideology which actually led to the formation of Pakistan. 

In this regard, Umairah Ahmed while issuing an explanatory statement said that two national ideology is related to freedom and no conscious and intelligent person can deny the two national ideology. Otherwise, he will have to lose his freedom.

Reaction on social media to the trailer of ‘Dhoop ki Deewar’

How the story of the web series ‘Dhoop ki Deewar’ is different from the love story that flourishes in the context of Pak-India tensions will be known only by watching the web series. However, we will tell you the reaction of social media users to the trailer.

User Abdul Rehman Tiwana wrote Umairah Ahmed Geo and we can only write stupid love stories for immoral TV dramas. Talking about the Kashmir issue is beyond their scope. Especially in military and foreign affairs, Umairah Ahmed does not need to be more serious.

A woman named Ayesha wrote that if the story of a drama could end enmity and establish peace, then why did our elders make so many sacrifices for the liberation of Muslims? No one can defeat the wisdom of the Quaid-e-Azam who is fighting for us.

Some people also objected to the work of Ahad Razamir and Sajjal Ali in this web series and wrote that if the story of this web series is against the ideology of Pakistan then why did Sajal Ali and Ahad Razamir choose this drama?

A woman named Zahra Fatima wrote that bi-national ideology is the basis of Pakistan. Our martyrs are our pride. We will never allow people like Umairah Ahmed to hurt the feelings of Kashmiri and Pakistani people.

Some people called Umairah Ahmed a traitor and demanded not only a ban on the ‘Dhoop ki Deewar’ but also a ban on Umairah Ahmed.