YouTuber Arrested for Harassing Women in the Pranks Video in Gujranwala: Named Khan Ali

YouTuber Arrested for Harassing Women in the Pranks Video in Gujranwala: Named Khan Ali
After the video went viral on social media, many users demanded the arrest of YouTuber — Photos: Twitter

Quora News: Police in Gujranwala, Punjab, have arrested a YouTuber for harassing women in the name of prank.

Khan Ali, a YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel called ‘velle Loog Khan Ali‘ and has 323,000 subscribers.

However, police arrested him for harassing and harassing women in ‘prank’ videos circulating on social media.

Khan Ali’s video titled ‘Dupatta Lo Prank Part 2’ was uploaded on his YouTube channel in early May this year, but several arrests came after some video clips went viral on social media.

In the video, Khan Ali is seen saying, “You must tell your mother, sisters and daughters to wear headscarves. This is not a prank, it is a message.”

These girls are not going to believe, but I will just let them go,” he added.

It can be seen in the video that they are stopping the women from walking by and asking them to take the dupatta and even asking them to give them money in return.

In this video, it can be seen that YouTuber stops a woman walking by and offers her a thousand rupees, and asks her to cover her head with a dupatta.

After the video went viral on social media, many users expressed their displeasure with YouTube’s action and demanded his arrest.

“It’s harassment in the name of pranks and very rude,” said Twitter handle Kickback.

A user named Brishna Kasi had said that this is not harassment, this person should be in jail.

A user named Saqib Raja wrote why this man is roaming freely in the cities, sometimes he grabs the arms of school and college girls, sometimes he pulls the dupatta from the heads of the girls. In this video, he grabs someone’s wife by the shoulder. Harassing, is there any law in Pakistan? Is this a joke?

Yesterday, while sharing this video, Sadaf Alvi had said that this man is harassing women on the streets and in public places for not taking dupatta. His videos have been circulating on the internet for some months now.

He further wrote that this person is still free, who will identify him and arrest him and keep Pakistani women safe?

The woman also tagged Islamabad sub-divisional police officer Amna Baig in her tweets.

After which today (June 17) the arrest of Khan Ali was informed from the Twitter account of CCPO Gujranwala.

The tweet said that Ghakhar Mandi police station under the supervision of SP President Abdul Wahab took immediate action and arrested the accused who had humiliated women in the name of prank video and registered a case.

City Police Officer Sarfraz Ahmed Falaki said that protection of public honor is the first priority.

In addition, a tweet from the Punjab Police’s official Twitter account said that a case has been registered against the accused for harassing women in the name of Prank.

The tweet added that further legal action is being taken in this regard.