Cricketer Abdul Razzaq Admits Relationship with Dancer Deedar After 22 Years

Cricketer Abdul Razzaq Admits Relationship with Dancer Deedar After 22 Years
Wanted to marry Deedar, the former cricketer Abdur Razzaq

Former national cricketer and legendary all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has admitted after almost 22 years that his relationship with actress and dancer Deedar has been in the past.

Abdul Razzaq retired from cricket in 2013, playing more than 260 ODIs and more than 40 Tests.

Abdul Razzaq was considered one of the best batsmen, he was considered the best bowler and his career was free from controversy.

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However, when his career was at its peak in 1999, there were rumors that he was having an affair with stage dancer and actress Deedar. However, such reports could not be confirmed at the time but now the former cricketer has spoken openly on the issue. ۔

In a recent ARY program, Abdul Razzaq not only spoke openly about his relationship with the dancer Deedar, but also uncovered many secrets of the world of cricket.

Abdul Razzaq said he was not used to his potential and was dropped several times due to decisions by the top management of the cricket board.

The former cricketer also revealed that he had been offered match-fixing in the past and he turned down the offer and told the fixers that if he paid them too much, they would only ruin their faith.

Abdul Razzaq said he played cricket led by about a dozen captains and when Younis Khan was offered the captaincy, he was also ordered to remove seven players, including Abdul Razzaq, but Younis Khan turned down the offer. Kardi

According to the former cricketer, the same offer was later made to Shoaib Malik and he was compelled by the higher authorities to remove five players including him from the team.

Abdul Razzaq said he did not find Shoaib Malik guilty of being dropped from the team.

In response to a question, Abdul Razzaq said that he has no intention of writing a book, because the truth has to be written in the book, so he is refraining from taking such a step.

In the program, Abdul Razzaq admitted on the question of his relationship with the dancer and actress Deedar in the past that he had a relationship with the actress.

The former cricketer said that his relationship with the dancer was established in 1999 and the matter reached to marriage but he did not make any big promises to the actress and asked her to leave showbiz for marriage.

According to Abdul Razzaq, he had given Deedar six months to decide to leave Showbiz to get married, but the actress later told him that she could not give up her career, which is why he did not marry her.

According to the former cricketer, since his family does not accept any showbiz personality, he did not marry Deedar.

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