Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media - Health Tips

Social media, its types, advantages, disadvantages, and its effects on our health.

There are many types of media

  1. Newspapers, magazines, magazines, etc. are in print media
  2. Electronic media includes TV, radio, etc.
  3. Social media includes WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Social media is a bit different from other media where it has many advantages but also many disadvantages

The benefits of social media
There are many benefits to social media. Here are two major benefits.
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1. Easy access for everyone

The biggest advantage of social media is that everyone can come to this media voluntarily and no one can stop it
But not everyone can come to the newspaper voluntarily or everyone can come to the TV on their own. On the contrary, everyone can come and write or speak on social media or show any facts - like this Any information can be easily obtained or disseminated.

2. Quick contact-Quick reply

Another great advantage of social media is that it allows you to ask and answer questions and get an instant response.
 If someone has posted on social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook, we can reply to that person or any person at the same time or at the same time - by writing or by video.
Today, thanks to social media, you can easily talk to any person in any country for free and see their pictures and movements from a video call.

Disadvantages of social media

There is a great need for medicine for human health ... but we see that medicine, no matter how good it may be, has its side effects as well as its side effects or the side effects of drug abuse. While the media has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages

Its major disadvantages are as follows.

1. Useless use of time

The biggest disadvantage of social media is that it increases the pointless use of time and wastes time - for example if on social media you start talking to a friend or relative on a specific topic. 

If you use Google or YouTube WhatsApp or Facebook to get certain information, then along with the purposeful information, some other unnecessary information is opened or exposed and thus you are able to achieve your goal. 

If you start reading other posts then what happens is that the first time you use social media, the answer is that social media starts using you.

When a person deviates from his purpose and engages in other activities, such as irrelevant or immoral activities on social media, his morals begin to deteriorate.

The man sits in his house with his family but mobile and social media in his hand he is physically close to his family but mentally away from his family --- 

then dirty thoughts arise from immoral posts and videos Unnecessary friendships and animosities begin --- Man turns away from worship.

3. Sharing illegal, immoral, unnecessary content

Since everyone can post freely on social media, a lot of illegal and immoral news is also published. Ordinary people do not even know what religious and moral laws are.

Social media tips

Here are three big tips to avoid the dangers of social media being a deadly virus for most people.

1. Be punctual

It is not advisable to use social media all the time but to use it at a specific time - use it at a specific time and use it at a specific time and immediately start other activities.

Remember to use social media lest social media start using you - you dominate social media not social media dominate you
Allow students or their children to use social media at a certain time and instruct them to do other things immediately using that time.

2. Never share personal or unnecessary information

Strictly forbid on social media that personal information or all of your information should never be shared on social media, especially Facebook - do not share your personal photos or personal videos with anyone. Crimes will be avoided.

3. Get in the habit of accountability

Immediately after using social media or at night, think about what you have gained from social media today

Anyway, every night before going to bed, a person must calculate the day - self-accountability is of great benefit to him - children should also be asked and they should get in the habit of thinking about what they should do daily. This is how you keep realizing your good and bad habits

And if the feeling arises, then the good often begins to arise automatically. Man escapes from evil.

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