Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Destroy Signal Jammers?

Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Destroy Signal Jammers?

New chapter for Fortnite, the famous Battle Royale. At the dawn of this chapter 3, here is the guide to overcome jammers …

Epic Games is preparing something beautiful for us. Thus, we discover the first season of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. To inaugurate it, here is a guide to destroying jammers.


The rumor was therefore already on the horizon: Fortnite is turning a page. Indeed, we arrive at a completely different turning point, a major turning point in the game in question.

Thus, Epic Games has lifted the veil on its chapter 3. A chapter that we were waiting for at the turn, and which, according to the latest rumors, was not going to take long before coming to the fore.

For less than a day, the game was also inaccessible. Maybe just the time for everything to fall into place.

To end the second chapter in style, players were able to fill an end vent:  The End. Between Saturday, 10 p.m. and Sunday 4 p.m., Fortnite remained inaccessible.

During the end event, the famous The Rock had done the honor of his presence. Something to please fans, who love all kinds of skins on the game.

Anyway, so we start the third chapter of the famous Battle Royale. What better way to get your hands on the new missions available;

Among these, one of them involves famous signal jammers. Jammers that you will therefore have to put out of service.

Small business? Not so sure. To help you, as usual, we have put together a guide for you. Step by step guide.

How to destroy the signal jammer in one go? So read on to find out without further ado.


Chapter 3 of Fortnite gives, as usual, the right to daily quests. But also seasonal quests that you can accept or decline.

One of them consists precisely in destroying signal jammers. All in one game, which doesn’t seem so easy to do.

To do this, the player must go to Point of Fire Island, to the far east of the map. An island on which we can discover an NPC – or non-player character.

This one will thus help you to start this quest … Know that you will have to destroy all the jammers during a game, without dying once.

If you die during your game of Fortnite, while you have activated the quest, it will automatically reset from then on.

You can therefore destroy these jammers, either with your weapons or with your pickaxe. The second option is perfect if you want to save money on your ammunition.

What about the location of the different jammers? The first is on the beach, at the far east of the island.

For the second, you will have to go to the southeast of Pas de Tir Island. This is located near a building on this level.

Finally, the last jammer is to the west, on the coast. You will therefore find it not far from a palm tree.