Fortnite Chapter 3: One Player Eliminates His Opponents With A Tree!

Fortnite Chapter 3: One Player Eliminates His Opponents With A Tree!

With the arrival of Chapter 3 in Fortnite, many players have discovered a new way to kill their enemies … With a tree.

It was as expected as the arrival of Santa Claus. Indeed, Chapter 3 of Fortnite has finally landed. The players of the battle royal of Epic Games were quick to discover the new map and above all, the new way of doing kills. A tree that can be of great use.


But before showing you how you can eliminate other players with this element of the scenery, let’s come back to another point. A point concerning fans of Marvel and in particular, of Spiderman.

As you know, MCU’s new movie is hitting theaters soon. Featuring Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. In a multiverse war that is only just beginning. It seems that Fortnite wanted to ride this hype.

Since this is the first “big” movie in the comic book universe since the release of Avengers Endgame. Certainly, other feature films have already seen the light of day, but No Way Home really marks the beginning of phase 4.

This is why Epic Games wanted to wink at the arrival of Peter Parker. By offering a new skin in connection with the superhero played by Tom Holland. The skin of Spiderman, therefore, arrives within a few days, and fans of the latter are undoubtedly in heaven.

Especially since they will be able to enjoy a new weapon. Namely, the web launcher. However, at the present time, we do not have any more info on this new gadget. No doubt we’ll know more when the skin officially makes its appearance.

But in the meantime, Fortnite players can still have fun with other weapons. Or rather, other ways of doing kills. Because, as we let you know above, players have just found a new technique.

Fortnite Chapter 3: One Player Eliminates His Opponents With A Tree!


It is our colleagues from Video Games who unveiled the information. The media in effect making it known that it was possible to kill your rivals with the help of nature. But before that, you will have to go to a place on the map with snow.

Because if you did not know it yet, a large part of the Fortnite map is covered in this beautiful white dress. And this is where special trees are found. Have fun shooting it when you can. You might be surprised.

Since, as the media notes, when these break, they can fall on another player. And the shock, so great, brings your enemy down. A fun way that can greatly anger other players who are victims of this attack.

If you’re used to being on Reddit, you’ve probably seen the news spread. Because it is the user u / LukeDonty who threw this trick a few days ago. This gives its subscribers the opportunity to test it.

It remains to be seen if this is a bug on Fortnite or if this possibility of killing your rivals will remain until the next chapter. There is no doubt that Epic Games will soon speak on this subject in order to have the end of the story.