The competition between the companies that offer auto insurance in Mexico is very intense, which is why it is essential each year to make a comparison between the different insurers and their products. 

The quality of services varies over time, and there are generally new associations that can completely change the way an insurer works.

At certain intervals, the Condusef conducts assessments to auto insurance each insurer and attention to users that company representatives provide their customers. These data serve as a reference when hiring insurance.

The best auto insurance in Maxico

The auto insurance industry is one of the most active in all of Mexico. Every day there are accidents and robberies that require you to request the services of adjusters and insurers to recover as much as possible from the investment and pay compensation for damages or injuries caused.

Something similar happens with motorcycles, commercial service cars and public service cars, such as traditional taxis or those of Uber and similar companies. Broadly speaking, all of them require the same coverage, with very small differences.

The main policies available for cars

  • Policy basic or liability. They offer the type of protection that according to the Law is mandatory. The coverages mainly include the following:

    • Compensation for damages to third parties in their property.
    • Compensation for injury to third parties or death.
    • Legal defense of the driver, including payment of bonds, administrative procedures, payment of lawyers and others.
    • Depending on each insurer, it can include:
      • Medical expenses to occupants.
      • Life insurance for the driver.
      • Road assistance services.
  • Policy limited coverage . They include everything from the basic policy plus the total theft of the car . Some insurers could add more coverage or provide the access to insure other additional risks. One of the coverages that can be included is:

    • Total loss due to material damage.
  • Comprehensive coverage insurance . It protects for everything in the limited coverage plus material damage suffered by the insured car. Different insurers can offer different packages adding in them different coverages such as:
    • Elimination of deductible for total loss.
    • Substitute car.
    • Insurance packages with lower deductibles.
    • Civil liability extension. Helps cover in the event of causing catastrophic damage.
    • Glass breakage.
    • Civil liability to Occupants.
    • Tire insurance.
    • Funeral services.
    • Partial theft.
  • Standardized basic auto insurance . They offer the minimum protection required by state or federal laws for driving on highways. They cover for very limited amounts all those related to the driver’s civil liability.

Who can buy auto insurance in Mexico?

Any of the insurance can be contracted for private use. For commercial use, it is also easy through company fleet policies. Public service insurance may have certain restrictions and premium prices may be more expensive. In the case of public service cars such as taxis, colectivos, Uber, and others like it, it is up to each insurer if they assume the risk since the accident statistics are higher than those of private and commercial vehicles.

Motorcycle insurance itself can include all the packages mentioned with almost all coverage, some of them adapted to the type of risk. One of these covers is the one offered as protection against damage to safety clothing, such as a helmet, gloves, etc.

Top 5 insurers with the best cars insurance

In the period from January to September 2018, Condusef evaluated 26 insurers of the almost 80 that offer car policies resident in Mexico. 7 of the insurers obtained a passing grade on these auto insurance plans and 9 failed.

What a failing grade indicates is not that resident auto insurance policies do not work, but that it does not meet various standards in aspects such as:

  • Font size in the policies, policy cover, insurance application, on the company’s website or in other types of advertising in which customers can obtain information to purchase their insurance.
  • There is no clarity in the policy conditions to define coverage, indemnities and other data that could cause confusion or be ambiguous, and may or may not affect indemnities.
  • Missing information in the clauses or the cover of the policy.
  • Acronyms or abbreviations not explained.
  • Content in other languages ​​and not translated.
  • Lack of information on the Special Service Unit for Users of the insurer.
  • Omitted data on the Confused.

Top 5 Insurers for Resident Auto Insurance

1- Tokyo Marine

Tokyo Marine obtained a score of 9.80 and for which there was no evaluation of customer service. His phone number is 01 800 228 6546. He had no complaint with the Confused.

2- Sompo Seguros México 

With a 9.30 rating and also without IDATU evaluation. Call Mexico City on  01 55 5559 3717. It is another insurer without complaints to the Confused.

3- Patrimonial Insurance Company

whose rating was 9.13 and was not evaluated in terms of customer service. His phone number is 01 55 5249 8660. He also had no complaints to the Confused.

4- General de Seguros

Rated 8.90. It received 44 complaints to the Confused. Telephone 01 55 5270 8000 .

5- Affirmed

Rated 8.64. It received 83 customer complaints to the Condusef. His phone number is 01 81 8318 3990.

5 best insurers in customer service in resident cars

1- La Latino

With a score of 9.80 and only 17 customer complaints. Telephone number 01 55 5130 2800.

2- Seguros Bx +

Which obtained 9.73 and only 12 customer complaints. His phone number is 01 55 1102 1800.

3- Primero Seguros

With a score of 9.15 and 16 customer claims before the Condusef. Their phone number is 01 800 277 4637.

4- Seguros El Potosí

Rated 9.08 and 23 customer complaints. It has the number 01 800 480 3100.

5- El Águila

With an 8.78 rating from IDATU. Their number is 01 800 709 3800.

None of the 10 insurers mentioned was sanctioned in the period by the Condusef, but the Eagle obtained the worst rating in the resident car insurance. This speaks of the validity of deciding on the remaining 9 insurers for their levels of quality and service in traditional resident automobile policies.

The insurers that failed in the evaluation of the Resident Car Condusef were:

  • Banorte Insurance with 5.96.
  • BBVA Bancomer Seguros with 5.90.
  • Zurich with 5.64.
  • Ana Seguros with 5.60.
  • AXA with 5.47.
  • AIG with 5.36.
  • GNP Seguros with 4.27.
  • Mapfre with 4.23.
  • The Eagle with 3.62.

* Source: https://www.buro.gob.mx.

5 best insurers on standardized basic auto insurance

1- Solunion

With a score of 9.98 and which was not evaluated in customer service. Their phone number is 01 55 5201 7900. Had no complaints.

2- General Insurance

With a score of 9.58. Telephone  01 55 5270 8000 . He had 19 complaints to the Condusef.

3- Patrimonial Insurer

With a rating of 8.90 and without evaluation in customer service. His phone number is  01 55 5249 8660. He had no complaints to the Condused.

4- Quálitas

Rated 8.87. His phone number is 01 800 800 2021. It had 1,098 claims from clients before the Condusef.

5- Atlas Insurance 

With a rating of 8.69. His phone number is 01 800 849 3916. It received 106 complaints before the Condusef.

5 best insurers in customer service in standardized basic automobiles

1- First Insurance

Rated 9.92. His phone number is 01 800 277 4637. He received only 9 complaints to the Condusef.

2- General Insurance

With a rating of 9.75. Telephone 01 55 5270 8000 .

3- Bx + Insurance

Rrated 9.62. His phone number is 01 55 1102 1800. Received 11 customer complaints.

4- Affirme 

Rated 9.47. Their number is 01 81 8318 3990. Received 117 complaints.


Rated 9.28. With number 01 55 5488 4700. He received 94 complaints in the Condusef.

None of the aforementioned standardized basic insurance companies received sanctions from Condusef. Of these, only General de Seguros remains in the first place both for its plan and for customer service.

The insurers that failed the evaluation of the standardized basic auto insurance plan were:

  • Citibanamex with 5.94.
  • Ana Seguros with 5.72.
  • The Eagle with 4.73.

* Source  Buro.gob.mx .

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