Is it Safe to Use Public Wifi with a VPN?

Public Wi-Fi lets you connect to the Internet for free. However, is it safe to use public wifi? Let’s find out with QuoraTV! Have you heard stories like being unable to open PayPal, bank account, even email when using public Wi-Fi with a VPN? So what are the real dangers of using public Wi-Fi?

Home Wi-Fi is usually encrypted, but in coffee shops, airports, shops, etc., it’s the opposite. That means you’re risking someone else monitoring your online activity, sometimes even worse. Here are the dangers you need to know about when using public Wi-Fi with or without a VPN.

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Is it Safe to Use Public Wifi with a VPN?

Risks of Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Browsing

Wi-Fi uses radio waves. They can be anything but live waves. Because of the wide broadcast, that means anyone within range can see everything you’re doing online if they use the right software.

Risks of Using Public Wi-Fi

As such, without protection, anyone can see:

  • Every page you visit
  • Every message you send
  • Login information to different sites

It is possible to infect other users with the same Internet as you

Networks are not a one-way connection between you and the Internet.

Being tracked isn’t the only potential danger of using public Wi-Fi. Malware infection is another risk. Networks are not a one-way connection between you and the Internet. They indirectly connect you to devices that are on the same network.

For example, someone’s computer or phone is failing and has no anti-malware protection. They connect the device to the public Wifi you are using. At that time, any malware on their machine can infect your phone or PC.

Wifi Networks Can Be a Pitfall

Although public Wifi is becoming more and more popular today, however, if it is not absolutely necessary, you should limit its use. If you must, don’t access apps that contain your personal information or sensitive data. Why so?

Connecting to random networks, unknown providers can contain many pitfalls. Scammers often set up fake Wi-Fi networks in public places hoping to steal passwords and personal information. If connecting to a network like Free Wi-Fi doesn’t ask for a password or a welcome screen, that could be a pitfall.

Think twice before connecting to Wi-Fi

Basically, you need to remember the following before using public Wifi if you want to keep yourself safe:

  1. If online activity is not encrypted, it will be open to anyone who wants to see it.
  2. Make sure your firewall is turned on and antimalware protection is up to date.
  3. Consider using public Wi-Fi over an encrypted VPN service.