The Most Iconic Matches in the History of T20 World Cup

Cricket is a game of worship all around India and all also across the world. The game has gone through various changes since being introduced by the English and survived to be celebrated as the game of the gentleman. The most popular format of cricket is the T20 World Cup, which has been celebrated in a unique fashion ever since its inaugural in 2007.

The Most Iconic Matches in the History of T20 World Cup

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In this list, let us jog our history of the T20 World cup by looking at the best matches ever played in the game since its establishment.

England vs. Netherlands 2009

As we know, England is one of the most readily adaptable teams in terms of new cricket formats. The team has shown stellar form throughout every game since they played their first game of cricket. For this match, England opened the batting side, and their score was a moderate 162, which stands for a capable chase in terms of T20 cricket, but a team of such stature was bound to defend it.

Tom De Grooth and Peter Borren from the Netherlands played an eccentric game, initially making a fast half-century that spiked the strike rate for their team. In the final over Stuart Broad, the English pacer had to defend his team’s position, and he rightly did so till the very end until he committed a grave mistake. As the two batsmen were running to secure a single run in the final ball so the match would be tied, the bowler made a throw for the stumps, which missed the wickets and resulted in an overthrow. This judgment, done in hesitation, cost the English team their game and a chance at the trophy the same year.

Australia vs. Pakistan 2010

In a turn of events, the world-class Australian team was being heavily put down by Pakistan in a match that seemed to be very much in favor of the latter. Umar Akmal and Kamran had boosted Pakistan’s confidence with the final 191 runs on the board. This was a huge target even for the Australian team, and they limped and struggled to achieve it, eventually needing 87 runs from 45 balls.

At this very moment, the unthinkable happened when Michael Hussey came down to join Cameron White in the center stage. He hammered back-to-back sixes and made the score such that even in the final, only 18 were left to score. Michael Clarke, the Australian captain, was even shocked with his performance as he did the impossible and won the match by smashing right away in the final over. This match is still considered one of the best innings a batsman played in any T20 tournament.

Sri Lanka vs. India 2010

In this Super 8s game from almost ten years back, Sri Lanka had a lot riding on this one game. Winning against India would secure their position, but if they achieved it by a huge margin and on the other side of the board, if Australia beat West Indies, they would make it through easily on the boards with a good run rate.

Kumar Sangakkara and Tillakaratne Dilshan put in the initial effort, followed by Angelo Mathews and Chamara Kapugedera, who made a decent 50 in just a few short overs.

After the defense team put Mathews off the ground, Chamara stepped into the crease and blew out the competition with a swift six from the first ball off the last over, showcasing nothing less than a cinematic win for the Sri Lankan team.

West Indies vs. New Zealand 2012

The Super Overs are the most tricky part of any T20 match. In this format, anything can happen, and players can easily succumb to the pressure experienced throughout the game. New Zealand, being a strong contender in any tournament, had stopped the initial rise of Chris Gayle for the better part of this very match.

This let them stop West Indies to a favorable score of 139. While chasing this total, New Zealand came down to 27 runs from four overs. Here Narine used his skills and grabbed two wickets from the black caps. In the end, Ross Taylor put in all his efforts to get the game level and push to a super over.

Finally, Ross Taylor’s 18 on this Super Over was easily beaten by the West Indies team. They made a statement by throwing the toughest competition straight out of the tournament, even with an average performance from their players.

In Conclusion

World T20 cricket is a marvelous game format where the most exciting turn of events happens. Ever since its inclusion in the global cricket world, more fans have started to pour in to watch the tournaments as they are short, and therefore with busy jobs, they can still make time for these games in the stadiums where it is best enjoyed. To date, these games rank as the most iconic T20 matches that amazed the people in the stadiums as much as the fans watching them on the television screens at home.