CarBridge ipa iOS 15/16 Download for iPhone Apple CarPlay

CarBridge ipa is an innovative software that allows you to Bridge any official CarPlay applications from your iPhone to your in-car device system (Apple CarPlay working) and enjoy movies or videos in your car with CarBridge ipa iOS.

You can run non-default applications like YouTube, Hangouts, Skype, Twitter, Videos, Messenger, Facebook, Games, Slack, Photos, Instagram, and more in CarPlay. This application is completely free it only takes five minutes to install on iOS 15.

CarBridge iOS 15 Download iPhone Apple CarPlay

How to Download CarBridge iPa iOS 15/16

You can easily download CarBridge for any iOS version by following these steps below:

Download information

  • Developer: Carplay
  • Version: 2.0.9
  • Usage: Free
  • File Size: 72.2 MB
  • Downloads: 14,755
  • Operating System: iOS 13, 14, 15/16 & macOS
  1. To start the CarBridge download, you must first back up your iPhone. Because, during the download process, the phone may lose your internal data.
  2. After that, you need to jailbreak your iPhone with the WheelPal app or you can also install Impactor and drag the jailbreak .ipa file to Cydia Impactor.
  3. Click on Cydia, In Cydia install: -Rocketbootstrap, Applist and Filza.
  4. Perferenceloader – Not available to view in Cydia, so you’ll need to navigate to your Sources tab ex. Big Boss / System Preferences Loader
  5. Now, Install the leftyfl1p.deb file (you will need Filza to install it). and enjoy any application on CarPlay.
  6. Watch the video tutorial below to download Carbidge without Jailbreak for your iOS devices.

How To Install CarBridge iPhone Apple CarPlay Alternative without Jailbreak?

Follow the steps below to install Crabrodge in Apple iPhone 14/15 without Jailbreak


  • Compatible with all iOS versions
  • Open any applications in CarPlay
  • You can use Apple Maps in your car without limitations
  • Enables you to open two apps at once


  • Cannot support streaming applications like Hulu and NetFlix
  • You need to change the phone settings so that the phone is not unlocked during the whole drive
  • Not all apps will display perfectly

CarBridge Alternative

WheelPal is the best CarBridge alternative to download, this can fix all the bugs of CarBridge. NGXPlay application is also an alternative to CarBridge but it only plays phone apps on CarPlay.

Can I download a CarBridge without a jailbreak?

Yes, you can download CarBridge without a jailbreak. for this, you need to download Carbridge Mod App for your device. But it is also safe to download Carbridge Using Jailbreak. Jailbreaking is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities in a locked electronic device to remove manufacturer-imposed software restrictions on the device, that’s why you need a jailbroken phone.

Is CarBridge free?

No, you need to pay a small amount for the Carbridge application.