Technic Launcher Failed to Get Oauth Authorization – [Fixed]

If you are a Minecraft player, you might have installed Technical Launcher on your gaming PC. A Technic Launcher mod pack is a collection of Minecraft community modifications (Mods) used to extend the look and feel of vanilla

A user posted a thread on about the Technical Launcher login error “Failed to Get Oauth Authorization” here’s the thread posted by Captain AJ ” Ok , so when I run the Technic Launcher the Java scrip thing pops up and then the login window appears, BUT, it only gives me the option to login with my Mojang Account ( that I don’t have ) or with my Microsoft Account…. When I try to login with my Microsoft Account, i get a message: failed to get OAuth Authentication… How can i solve this problem cuz i really want to be able to keep playing Official Crafting…”

Technic Launcher Failed to Get Oauth Authorization - Fixed

It’s a login error and its appears when you try to login Technical Launcher with your Mojang account, it shows “an error was raised while attempting to communicate with If you are also facing the same issue on your gaming PC, we got some fixes to resolve this issue with ease.

  • Error description: Technical Launcher Failed to Get Oauth Authorization
  • Launcher/pack Version:
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11 & Mac PC
  • Java Version: Java 7u4
  • Problem: Technic launcher cannot authenticate my account
  • Antivirus program: windows security essentials
  • Error Messages: N/A
  • Link to Pastebin of log:

This error is officially fixed by the developers, The Technic help discord chat instructed to delete the OAuth folder under %Appdata% : .technic … it will turns your account underaged and needed permission from a guardian account to acess 3rd party launchers, but deleting that folder allowed you to bypass that feature without having to create another account to act as my guardian. If you are still facing the same issue while login to Technical Launcher Minecraft in 2022 you can try the below solutions. There are 2 possibilities for this error:

  1. Problems accessing the authentication servers like a pesky firewall/antivirus or like poor internet connection.
  2. Malware that overwrote your host’s file with a malicious site pretending to be the authentication server.

Open manually in your browser, can you open it at all? What do you see? Is the connection secure?

Fix 1: I have the same exact problem with the Minecraft launcher. I submitted a problem on the Minecraft forums a couple of months back and had one guy reply with a download to a Minecraft launcher that fixed my problems. if it is any help to fix the problem I have here is a link to the forum you will find it on that page post #7 .it is to note that the workaround I used still verifies your Minecraft account and it puts the accentual Minecraft file in a different location.

Fix 2: Since you had a "!" in your username, this will continue to be a problem thanks to java. best bet is to use the instructions found here:,7846.0.html to install the launcher to a different location than the default. that should make it work.