19 Best Movies, Will Force you to Travel the World

 19 Best Movies, Will Force you to Travel the World

Who doesn’t like to travel but not everyone can afford to go out of the country but many times watching a movie fulfills this desire.

Like the Lord of the Rings series films were shot in New Zealand and the beauty of these places amazes the viewers.

There are a number of movies that you can watch to fulfill your desire to travel the world at home or if you are in a good financial position then you may want to go there.

It will be interesting to know about some such films.

1- Under the Tuscan Sun.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun, based on the book by renowned American novelist Francis Maiz, tells the story of a recently emerged author who buys a villa in an Italian countryside while vacationing in Tuscany, Italy. 

Released in 2003, the film was made in several locations in Italy, including Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Saina, Arezzo, etc. The unique countryside, the suburbs of Tuscany, and the stunning coastal landscapes in the film captivate viewers with the beauty of Italy.

2- Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

The story of a child who grows up in the slums of India and then goes to a game show Wants to Be a Millionaire and becomes a Slim Dog Millionaire. 

The film shows the true face of India, the crowded, dirty, and impoverished slums. But it also shows some of India’s best things that make viewers want to see something they have never seen. The film was mostly shot in Agra and Mumbai.

3- The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries

This fact-based story of 23-year-old Che Guevara is enough to captivate. In the middle of his last medical semester, Che Guevara plans to visit Latin America on a motorcycle with his friend. 

The circumstances and events witnessed by Che Guevara and his friend during this journey have had a profound effect on their lives, leading to a revolution in the struggle for the rights of the people within Che Guevara. 

However, the film captures the beauty of South America in a powerful way, including Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and various places in Cuba.

4- Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Hollywood classic black and white film in which the well-known actress Audrey Hepburn performed the best performance of her career. 

The film depicts a 1950s Rome through the eyes of a princess who hides her identity and an American man in love with whom the girl falls in love. The film was shot in various iconic locations in the historic city of Rome.

5- Into the Wild

Into the Wild

The film is based on the true story of a great student and athlete who, after graduating from college, gives up everything to go on a trip to Alaska and gets into trouble in the desert. 

The film was shot in various beautiful locations in the United States, including Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Arizona, Noida, and Sixty Dakota.

6- Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Who doesn’t remember Lord of the Rings, a film based on the novel by JRR Talkin, which depicts a mythical world full of hobbies and dark lords? 

There are many parts of this film, all of which were filmed in the most beautiful locations in New Zealand and man is amazed to see the industrial nature.

7- Indochine


The film is set over Indo-China in the 1930s when French imperialism from the region came to an end. 

The plot of the film revolves around a French woman, a Vietnamese princess, and the two fall in love with a French navy officer. The film was shot in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Halong Bay, the beauty of which cannot be denied.

8- Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me if You Can

The film tells the shocking but true story of a 19-year-old man who manipulates millions of dollars by posing as a lawyer, doctor, and pilot. 

The protagonist of this film is always moving to a new place and that is why he was shot in three different places in California, New York, and Quebec.

9- 7 Years in Tibet

7 Years in Tibet

In the film Seven Years in Tibet, Brad Pitt plays an Austrian tourist who becomes a friend of the Dalai Lama, during which time China takes control of Tibet. 

It is a true story film and some of its scenes were shot in Tibet while other places like Argentina, Canada, Austria, Chile, and England are notable where the scenes quench the thirst of the tourists.

10- The Beach

The Beach

The Beach tells the story of three young men who discover an isolated island in Thailand and get into trouble. 

The film was shot across Thailand, most notably Pocket, Krabi, Bangkok, and Phi Phi Leh Island.

11- Wild


The film, titled Wild, chronicles the journey of a woman who embarks on a Pacific Crest trial after the failure of her marriage and the death of her mother. 

The locations in this film are enough to enchant any hiker, most of them are from Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park, Ashland, and Band, while Washington and the Canadian city of Vancouver are also shown.

12- The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer

In this film, director Bruce Brown shows the quest of two young surfers to find an ideal wave in a very interesting way during which these young surfers travel to different places around the world. 

That’s why the film was shot in coastal places in Australia, South Africa, Ghana, New Zealand, California, Tahiti, Nigeria, and Senegal, and its ocean views are heavenly.

13- Easy Rider

Easy Rider

Easy Rider features a classic road trip across the United States, with two motorcyclists traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans. 

The film depicts the deserts and red cliffs of western America, while scenes from various parts of the south are also part of it. The film was shot entirely in New Mexico, California, Utah, Arizona, and Louisiana.

14- Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Out of Africa is a love story that grows in Kenya between a widow and a hunter. As well as Kenya, parts of the film were shot in England. 

The open field and the sight of large animals serve as a safari trip for the film’s audience.

15- Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris

An author’s trip to Paris with his fiance and in-laws becomes a time travel experience. 

In this film, the first author gets a chance to see the beauty of Paris in broad daylight, notably Paris and other places, while time travel shows how the city will be enchanted at night in the 20th century. 

Most of the film was shot in Paris, but also in other parts of France.

16- Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Every part of this pirate movie is ideal for adventure seekers who are looking for paradise in the form of an island. The pirates in the film were shot in the Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, and California.

17- The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited

The film shows the three brothers embarking on a train journey across India with the expectation that they will meet again next year for their father’s last rites. 

The three brothers encounter a number of interesting incidents while traveling to Raipur, Jodhpur, and other Indian cities. But the highlight of the film is the stunning beauty of the relatively unknown Indian cities.

18- Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago

Dr. Zhvago is a classic film about the life of a Russian physician and poet, based on the First World War and the October Revolution. The protagonist falls in love with a woman She is married to. 

The film is three hours long and has actually been shot in Finland, Spain, and Canada instead of Russia.

19- Casino Royale

Casino Royale

This is James Bond’s first mission to defeat an arms dealer in a poker game. According to the story of the film, the casino where James Bond goes to play is in Montenegro, but in fact, the film was mostly shot in Italy, the Czech Republic, England, and the Bahamas. Fulfill the desire.