How to Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working on PC

Shielded cargo, a crucial storage feature in your Starfield ship, offers the opportunity to discreetly transport contraband goods without the prying eyes of scanners. However, there are instances where Starfield Shielded Cargo may not function as expected. In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of Shielded Cargo in Starfield and explore effective methods to resolve any issues.

1. What Is Shielded Cargo In Starfield?

In the expansive universe of Starfield, shielded cargo proves invaluable for the clandestine transport of contraband items, evading detection by scanning systems. Whether you’ve acquired illicit goods through less-than-legal means or have critical missions to complete, shielded cargo is your silent partner in the world of interstellar commerce.

How to Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working

2. How does shielded cargo work in Starfield?

In the vast universe of Starfield, employing Shielded Cargo is not a straightforward process. It operates seamlessly in the background, automatically handling contraband items without requiring your direct interaction. When you possess contraband and a Shielded Cargo hold, rest assured that the contraband will discretely find its place within this designated section of your ship, all without the need for manual intervention or notifications.

3. How To Obtain Shielded Cargo?

There are two primary methods to acquire shielded cargo in Starfield:

  1. Purchase from Lon Anderssen: Visit the Red Mile casino on Porrima III, where Lon Anderssen, a reputable dealer, offers a selection of shielded cargo holds. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget, then seamlessly integrate it into your ship.
  2. Install a Scan Jammer: For those who prefer a more covert approach, installing a scan jammer device on your ship can disrupt scanners when docking at a spaceport or entering a planet’s atmosphere. Keep in mind that scan jammers are rare and expensive and may not be compatible with all scanner types.

4. Why Is Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working?

Several factors could contribute to the malfunction of shielded cargo in Starfield:

  1. Contraband in Inventory: Ensure that any contraband items you intend to transport are in your ship’s cargo hold. Scanners can detect contraband in your personal inventory, regardless of your cargo’s shielding.
  2. Cargo Hold Quality: The effectiveness of your shielded cargo hold depends on its quality, which can vary in terms of size, cost, and protection level. Investing in a higher-quality cargo hold, such as those available from Lon Anderssen at the Red Mile, can significantly enhance your chances of evading scans.
  3. Advanced Scanners: Advanced scanners possessed by certain planets or groups may penetrate your cargo’s shielding. In such cases, using scan jammers can temporarily disable these scanners, although they remain a costly and limited option.

5. How To Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working?

To address the Starfield Shielded Cargo not working issue, consider the following solutions:

  1. Confirm Contraband Items: Ensure that the items you’re attempting to smuggle are indeed contraband. Shielded cargo serves no purpose for legal items.
  2. Cargo Hold Check: Verify that the contraband goods are securely stored within the shielded cargo hold. They won’t be protected if placed elsewhere.
  3. Capacity Assessment: Evaluate your ship’s shielded cargo capacity, as it dictates how much contraband you can transport discreetly.
  4. Scanner Vigilance: Be cautious of powerful scanners that may still detect contraband within your shielded cargo hold.


Starfield opens up a universe of possibilities for players seeking to transport contraband discreetly using shielded cargo. While it offers a significant advantage, users should be mindful of potential issues that may arise, such as fines or confrontations with authorities or adversaries. By adhering to the tips and guidelines provided in this article, you can navigate the cosmos of Starfield with confidence, ensuring your shielded cargo functions flawlessly.