How To Fast Travel In Starfield? | Fix Starfield Alpha Centauri Fast Travel Not Working Issue?

Navigating Fast Travel in Starfield: Resolving Alpha Centauri's Fast Travel Bug

Fast travel is an indispensable aspect of Starfield, given the vastness of its star systems and planets awaiting exploration. However, as intrepid adventurers roam the galaxy, they often encounter the peculiar issue of Alpha Centauri’s fast travel not working as expected. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of fast travel methods in Starfield and provide solutions to address the Alpha Centauri fast travel bug.

How to Fast Travel in Starfield?

Fast travel in Starfield can be broadly categorized into two types: local planet jumps and star system grav jumps. This gameplay mechanic unlocks early on during your journey, specifically when a mission beckons you to the planet Kreet. Yet, it unveils more possibilities when you reach New Atlantis, the bustling capital of Jemison within the Alpha Centauri system.

How To Fast Travel In Starfield? | Fix Starfield Alpha Centauri Fast Travel Not Working Issue?

1. Fast Travel While on a Planet

  1. Executing fast travel on a planet is remarkably straightforward:
  2. Open the menu and navigate to the upper-left corner, where you’ll find the map.
    The initial map view displays general points of interest on the planet or moon. Select a landmark, a designated landing area, or even your own ship to swiftly journey to that location. Be mindful that fast travel won’t function if you’re in combat, over-encumbered, or within another facility, such as a cave nested within a base.
  3. The city of New Atlantis in Alpha Centauri showcases six fast travel points: the docking area, commercial district, residential district, MAST district, the Lodge, and your ship. Should you venture beyond these selections, additional outposts and areas beckon your exploration. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose any point on the planet for swift landing, provided it’s not submerged underwater.

2. Reaching Other Star Systems via Grav Jumps

The alternative method of fast travel in Starfield involves voyaging to different star systems:

  1. Access your map and navigate outward until the galaxy view, known as the star map, unfolds before you.
  2. Here, you can select a distinct star system to travel to. However, be aware that you can only travel directly to a star system if you’ve already uncovered the connecting path or node.

Furthermore, your ship’s fuel reserves and grav drive influence the distance you can cover. In some cases, multiple jumps may be necessary to reach your desired destination. Detailed information on ship upgrades and modifications can be found in our comprehensive guide.

3. Additional Fast Travel Tips

For a seamless fast travel experience, consider these additional tips:

  • When in orbit, allocate power to the grav drive, located in the lower-left corner of your screen. This might entail reducing power allocated to other ship systems like weapons, engines, or shields. The more power assigned, the shorter the countdown before the grav jump activates. For instance, with +3 power, a four-second countdown precedes the jump.
  • This power allocation can be adjusted even during combat, a crucial move when under attack upon arriving at a new planet, where defeating hostile forces might prove challenging.
  • If you’re ready to fast travel directly to your active quest, you can “set course” and instantly initiate fast travel to the appropriate star system or docking station with the click of a button in the pause menu (on Xbox controllers, the default button is X).

Fixing Alpha Centauri’s Fast Travel Bug

Alpha Centauri, a Level 5 System in Starfield comprising numerous planets and moons, is a prominent destination. However, some players have reported an issue with fast travel not functioning as expected in this system. To resolve this Alpha Centauri fast travel bug, follow these solutions:

1. Sell Off All Contraband

  • Check your ship for contraband items when attempting to land on any planet or moon within the Alpha Centauri star system.
  • Remove all contraband from your ship by selling it. This step ensures your vessel is free of illegal goods.
  • Plan your route to the Alpha Centauri star system meticulously to guarantee a smooth travel experience.

2. Fast Travel Using Your Old Ship

  • If you’re facing a peculiar bug where fast travel to Alpha Centauri isn’t functioning with your new ship, consider these steps:
    • Retrieve your old ship, either through a saved game or by repurchasing it.
    • Ensure your old ship is in good working condition by repairing any damage or malfunctions.
    • Use your old ship to enter the Alpha Centauri star system. Some instances of this bug seem to affect only new ships, making your old ship a reliable workaround for fast travel.\

These solutions should help you overcome the Alpha Centauri fast travel bug and enjoy seamless exploration of Starfield’s universe.

Other Considerations

Should you encounter the message “Fast travel is currently unavailable to this location,” follow these steps:

  1. Access the Starmap using the Tab key, which takes you to the Galaxy Map.
  2. Locate and select Alpha Centauri in the Galaxy Map.
  3. Choose the specific Planet or Moon within Alpha Centauri that you wish to travel to and designate your preferred landing site.
  4. When utilizing the Grav Jump feature, ensure you allocate maximum power to it. Inadequate power allocation could result in the cancellation of your fast travel.

Furthermore, consider the following factors that might impede fast travel to Alpha Centauri:

  • Cargo Load: Excessive cargo can hinder fast travel capabilities. Reduce your cargo load before attempting fast travel.
  • Fuel Level: Ensure your ship possesses sufficient fuel reserves for the journey.
  • Power Allocation: Adjust power distribution among your ship’s systems, allocating maximum power to the Grav Jump system for successful fast travel.
  • Cargo Inspection: Scrutinize your cargo for illegal items or contraband, as carrying such goods can prohibit fast travel to Alpha Centauri.

Starfield presents a vast cosmos ripe for exploration, with numerous planets beckoning adventurers. For more tips and strategies, explore our guides hub.