10 Best Games for 5 Year Olds

Magic Mountain game

Get ready for some fun! We’ve put together a cool list of games made just for 5-year-olds. These games are perfect for kids who are learning the ropes of playing and following rules. From working together on adventures to having friendly races, these games are not only super fun but also teach important stuff. So, let’s dive into the world of games that are just right for 5-year-olds and have a blast while learning cool things!

Understanding the Five-Year-Old Mind

10 Best Games for 5 Year Olds

Five-year-olds are at a stage where they can grasp and adhere to rules, making games an ideal learning tool. Their ability to follow two- or three-part commands, such as taking turns, enhances cooperative play. However, it’s crucial to note their growing competitiveness and potential for quick frustration, a trait common among this age group.

1. Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain game for five year old kids

Embark on a cooperative adventure with Magic Mountain, a Plinko-style game where players roll marbles down a “hill” to hit students and avoid witches. While adults set up the game, 5-year-olds can play independently, honing their coordination skills.

2. Outfoxed

Outfoxed Game for 5 year old kids

Don your detective hat in Outfoxed, a thrilling game where players race to uncover clues and identify the pie thief. With sturdy clue tokens and a clever decoder, kids work together to solve the mystery and prevent the culprit’s escape.

3. Monza

Monza game for 5 year old kids

Monza, suitable for both 4-year-olds and kindergarteners, offers an exciting racing experience. Roll colored dice and strategically use them to advance on the track. Ideal for group play with no reading required, Monza accommodates up to six players in 20 minutes or less.

4. Maze Racers

Maze Racers game for 5 year olds

Engage in a head-to-head race with Maze Racers, perfect for kids who love building. Players construct racetrack mazes on magnetic whiteboards, swapping and racing against each other. The freeform nature of the game adds an element of creativity.

5. My First Castle Panic

My First Castle Panic game for 5 year olds

My First Castle Panic, recommended for 4-year-olds, remains enjoyable at age five. This cooperative game fosters pattern-matching and teamwork, with defeated monsters thrown “in the dungeon,” ensuring a tidy play area.

6. Color It!

Color It! game for 5 year old kids

For young artists, Color It! offers a simple roll-and-color game. Roll dice for color and number, filling in matching spaces. With two rule variants, the game introduces luck-based or probability-based play. The box supports four players, but additional markers or crayons expand the fun for more participants.

7. Concept Kids

Concept Kids game for 5 year old kids

Concept Kids, a child-friendly version of Concept, encourages strategic thinking. Players provide clues about animals, and a single “guesser” attempts to identify the creature. With easy and challenging card sets, the game evolves as the family becomes more adept.

8. Similo

Similo game for five year olds

Practice “like” and “not like” with Similo, a clue-giving game suitable for young children. After a few rounds with parents, 5-year-olds can take the lead. Explore Similo: Fables or Similo:

9. Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon game for 5 year old kids

For active kids, Happy Salmon turns gaming into a dance party. Match cards, perform actions with fun illustrations, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. With a minimum of three players, it’s perfect for group fun.

10. Dragonwood

Dragonwood game for 5 year olds

While Dragonwood might be a bit advanced for many 5-year-olds, it’s a great choice for those ready for a more “grown-up” gaming experience. Players create sets of numbers, aiming to capture creatures or items. Parents can decide whether to ignore or read text on cards when playing with pre-reading children.


Introduce your 5-year-old to these engaging and age-appropriate games, combining fun and learning. From cooperative adventures to competitive races, these games cater to the evolving skills and interests of children at this exciting stage of development. Enjoy quality playtime that encourages cognitive and social growth.