Snapchat’s New Parental Controls Ensure Your Child’s Online Safety

Guardians, Take Charge! Explore Snapchat's Latest Content Controls for a Safer Digital Playground for Your Kids

Snapchat has introduced a robust set of parental Content Controls aimed at shielding minors from potentially inappropriate content within the app. The new feature, unveiled on Tuesday, grants parents and guardians the ability to implement content filters through Snapchat’s Family Center supervision tool, specifically targeting “sensitive or suggestive” content in their child’s Snapchat Stories or Spotlight feed.

To activate the protective filter, parents can navigate to the Family Center settings and select “Restrict Sensitive Content.” It’s essential to note that enabling this feature won’t impose restrictions on the content accessible to the child in other areas of the app, such as Chat, Snaps, and Search.

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Snapchat's New Parental Controls Ensure Your Child's Online Safety

Snapchat has proactively shared its Content Guidelines, detailing the criteria that trigger the new filters. The guidelines, available to community members, explicitly outline what falls under the category of “sensitive or suggestive” content, encompassing moderately suggestive language and any glorification of violence. The guidelines also serve as a resource for Snapchat creators, delineating content that is strictly prohibited and ineligible for recommendation on Stories or Spotlight.

In an official blog announcement, Team Snap emphasized its commitment to transparency by openly sharing these comprehensive content guidelines. This move aims to provide users with insights into the stringent standards set for public-facing content and the eligibility requirements for distribution.

Snapchat's New Parental Controls Ensure Your Child's Online Safety

Looking ahead, Snapchat plans to introduce additional parental controls within the Family Center, enabling guardians to monitor their child’s interactions with My AI, Snapchat’s experimental chatbot. While no specific release date has been provided, the company is keen to expedite the rollout. This decision comes in the wake of recent criticism aimed at the My AI chatbot for inappropriate messages exchanged with an adult user posing as a 13-year-old girl. The forthcoming parental controls aim to address concerns surrounding the chatbot’s interactions, emphasizing Snapchat’s ongoing commitment to user safety.