How to Make Money by Taking Surveys, and Playing Games?

Have you ever considered making some extra cash in your free time? While traditional part-time jobs offer a reliable income, they often require significant time commitments. Luckily, the digital world offers several alternative options for earning money with more flexibility. This article will explore some popular online avenues like taking surveys, playing games, and completing microtasks, providing you with a starting point to explore these possibilities.

Method 1: Earn By Taking Surveys

Market research plays a crucial role in shaping the products and services we encounter daily. Companies rely on consumer feedback to understand preferences, identify trends, and refine their offerings. By participating in surveys, you contribute to this process and, in return, earn rewards for your time and opinions. Here’s a breakdown of some reputable websites offering paid surveys:

1. DigiOpenion

DigiOpenion: Earn Money Sharing Your Opinions Online with DigiOpinion

This platform focuses on academic and market research surveys, often conducted by universities and research institutions. They offer cash or donations to charities as rewards.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Visit DigiOpenion website.
  3. Click on the sign-up button and fill in your details.
  4. Complete your profile to increase survey eligibility.
  5. Start participating in available surveys.

2. Swagbucks


This popular platform offers a variety of surveys, including market research, entertainment, and lifestyle-related topics. You can redeem your earnings for gift cards, cash, or merchandise.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Visit Swagbucks website.
  3. Sign up for an account.
  4. Complete your profile to receive personalized survey opportunities.
  5. Start taking surveys and earn rewards.

3. Branded Surveys

randed Surveys

This platform connects you with market research surveys from well-known brands. You can earn gift cards or cash for your participation.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Go to the Branded Surveys website.
  3. Register for an account.
  4. Fill out your profile to qualify for more surveys.
  5. Begin participating in available surveys to earn rewards.

4. Vindale Research

Vindale Research

This website offers a variety of surveys, including market research, product testing, and political opinions. They primarily reward users with cash.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Visit the Vindale Research website.
  3. Sign up for an account.
  4. Complete your profile with accurate information.
  5. Start taking surveys to earn cash rewards.

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

This platform offers a broader range of tasks beyond just surveys, including data entry, content moderation, and image labeling. You earn cash for completing these micro tasks which can include surveys as well.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Visit Amazon Mechanical Turk website.
  3. Sign up as a worker.
  4. Complete your profile and provide necessary information.
  5. Browse available tasks, including surveys, and start earning.

Method 2: Earn By Playing Games

The gaming industry has exploded in recent years, and some platforms capitalize on this by offering rewards for playing games. While not a substitute for a full-time job, it can be a fun way to earn a little extra in your free time. Here are some examples of games with reward programs:

6. Mistplay


This app allows you to earn units (which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash) by playing mobile games.

Sign-up Process:
Download Mistplay from the Google Play Store.
Create an account.
Explore the list of available games and start playing to earn units.
Redeem your units for rewards once you accumulate enough.

7. Swagbucks Play

Swagbucks Play

This platform lets you discover and play mobile games to earn Swagbucks points that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Sign-up Process:
Visit Swagbucks Play’s website.
Sign up or log in to your Swagbucks account.
Browse through the available games and start playing.
Earn Swagbucks points and redeem them for rewards of your choice.

8. AppNana


Download and try new apps on this platform to earn points (Nanas) that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Download AppNana from their website.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Explore the list of available apps to download and try.
  5. Earn Nanas for each completed task and redeem them for rewards.

9. Cointiply


This website allows you to play mobile games, watch videos, and complete surveys to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Visit Cointiply website.
  3. Sign up for an account.
  4. Start playing games, watching videos, or completing surveys to earn crypto.
  5. Withdraw your earnings to your cryptocurrency wallet once you reach the minimum threshold.

10. Long Game

Long Game

This app takes a unique approach. It allows you to invest in real-world companies through a simulated stock market game. While not directly earning money, you can potentially earn rewards based on your simulated portfolio performance and learn about investing in the process.

  1. Sign-up Process:
  2. Download Long Game from their website.
  3. Create an account and link your bank account.
  4. Start investing in simulated stocks and earn rewards based on your portfolio performance.

Learn about investing strategies and financial management while playing.

Earning While Playing:

  • Download and install the app or game.
  • Create an account.
  • Explore the available games and choose one that interests you.
  • Play the game and fulfill the requirements to earn rewards as specified by the platform (e.g., playing for a certain duration, reaching specific levels).
  • Redeem your rewards once you accumulate enough points or meet the platform’s withdrawal requirements.

Things to Consider:

Earnings are usually minimal. Don’t expect to get rich by playing games, but it can be a way to earn small rewards for activities you already enjoy.

Be mindful of in-app purchases. Some games may encourage spending real money to progress.
In conclusion, while these websites and games offer opportunities to earn extra cash or rewards, it’s essential to approach them with realistic expectations. They can be a fun and convenient way to supplement your income or indulge in your hobbies while earning a little something on the side. However, always prioritize your privacy and security, and be cautious of scams or platforms promising unrealistic earnings. Happy earning!