How To Find Vultures Roost in Starfield: Loot, and Dagger Ship

Exploring the vast universe of Starfield can lead players to hidden gems like Vultures Roost, a medium-sized dungeon on Planet Jaffa IV in the Jaffa Star System. Although categorized as an Activity, this location offers valuable loot and a chance to acquire the Dagger ship. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Vultures Roost, providing you with essential information and strategies to navigate and reap the rewards hidden within.

Key Takeaways:

How To Find Vultures Roost in Starfield: Loot, and Dagger Ship

1. Location and Valuables

Location Of Vultures Roost In Starfield?
  • Vultures Roost is situated on Planet Jaffa IV in the Level 35 Jaffa Star System.
  • Expect challenging enemies within the base, suitable for a level 35 character.
  • Valuable loot, including contraband items, is scattered throughout the dungeon.

2. Vultures Roost Overview

Vultures Roost Overview
  • A medium-sized dungeon built into a mountainside, serving as the headquarters for Ecliptic Mercenaries.
  • Prepare for confrontation upon entering, as outsiders are likely to provoke a battle.

3. How to Get the Dagger Ship

How to Get the Dagger Ship
  • The Dagger ship can be acquired after it lands in the landing area of Vultures Roost.
  • Eliminate mercenaries guarding the ship and confront the remaining defenders in the cockpit.
  • Upon defeating all resistance, the Dagger ship is now under your control.

4. Items Found in Vultures Roost

Items Found in Vultures Roost
  • Contraband items are scattered throughout the dungeon in various rooms.
  • Use Digipicks to open doors and crates, retrieve keys, and unlock rooms with contraband caches.
  • Seven types of contraband, including vials of Aurora, can be found within these caches.

5. Finding the Room Key

Finding the Room Key
  • Locate the entrance to the kitchen on the lower floor to the left of the main entrance.
  • Pick the locked entrance door and find a waist-high safe in the rear of the kitchen.
  • Pick the safe to obtain a key unlocking all five rooms in the adjacent hab.

My Verdict

  • Caution against attempting Vultures Roost at a low level, as the mercenaries are formidable opponents.
  • High-level players seeking loot will find Vultures Roost a valuable destination.
  • While the Dagger ship may not be the best, acquiring it after defeating mercenaries is a worthwhile reward.


Embark on the adventure to Vultures Roost in Starfield with confidence, armed with the knowledge to navigate its challenges and reap the rewards. Valuable loot, the acquisition of the Dagger ship, and the thrill of overcoming formidable enemies await those who dare to explore this hidden activity. Enhance your spacefaring journey further by discovering the Best Fighter Ship and optimizing your spaceship’s performance with the Best Engines in the vast expanse of Starfield. Happy exploring and may your endeavors be richly rewarded!