Fortnite: How To Get The New Nick Fury Skin in The Game?

Fortnite: how to get the new Nick Fury skin in the game?

The rumors were true. Nick Fury will indeed make his visit to Fortnite. But how do you get your skin? Answer below.

For several days, many leaks announced the arrival of Nick Fury on Fortnite. The one “at the head” of SHIELD, in the Marvel universe, is a character much appreciated by fans. This is why learning of his coming to the battle royal has delighted more than one. But how do you get it?


True MCU fans might run into us when they read what rank we put Nick Fury in SHIELD. In reality, he’s not really the boss of the “group  ”. However, he still oversees the majority of operations.

He is the one who is sent to the field to fix the escalating situations. And in Fortnite, he will probably have to do the same. The hero who does not have powers will have to knock out the enemy to finish first during a game.

As a reminder, if you have seen the majority of Marvel films, it is still he who is at the origin of the Avengers. He is the one who unearthed Captain America and it is he who brings the latter, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, or even Thor on his ship.

A ship on which he organizes the first gathering of the Avengers. So of course, he may not have power and cannot go and fight the enemy on the ground … But that does not prevent him from having a lot of styles and having offered us a supergroup of heroes.

It is also for this reason that it is very appreciated by fans of the universe. Especially since this character is embodied by Samuel L. Jackson. An actor who is one of the “emblems” of the profession and whom the public adores.

And fans of Marvel, but also of Fortnite, will therefore be in heaven when they learn that Nick Fury is finally available on the battle royal. How to get it remains to be seen. And for that, nothing could be simpler. You just have to go a few lines down.

Fortnite: how to get the new Nick Fury skin in the game?


As you can imagine, you will be entitled to several different offers to find your happiness. As our colleagues from Clutch Points know, in the game store, you can choose 3 different cosmetics.

Nick Fury’s simple skin. Which is still going to cost you 1,500 V-Bucks on Fortnite. But also the Director’s Scythe (harvesting tool) at 800 V-Buck as well as the Infiltration Glider. This can also be found at 800 V-Bucks.

But you will also be able to put your hand in your pocket in order to obtain bundles. Since these are packs with several surprises inside. One of these bundles is going to cost you 2,000 V-Bucks.

In this one, you will be able to have:  “  The Nick Fury skin (Soutue). FIELD Pack (Back Bling). The Director’s Scythe (harvesting tool). The first strike infiltration glider (glider). Quinjets in flight (loading screen). “

It remains to be seen if you need all of these items. Or if only the Nick Fury costume is going to be enough for you. But it depends on which Fortnite player you are. Depending on the category, you might want to take it all.