How To Make Money From Twitter Super Followers

How To Make Money From Twitter Super Followers


Silicon Valley: Like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, Twitter has also introduced monetization opportunities for social media influencers.

This means that you too can now make money from the world’s largest microblogging platform, provided you have a large number of “followers” on Twitter. There are currently only a handful of money-making or “monetization” programs on Twitter that have been piloted in recent months.

Although its scope is currently limited to the United States, over time, those living in other countries will be able to benefit from it. One such program to make money from Twitter is called “Super Follows” which has been started on September 1 this year.

If a Twitter user is over 18 years of age, has a Twitter account three months or older, has at least 10,000 followers, and tweets 25 or more throughout the month, Can make money from

Under this you get paid to view some of your tweets, ie only those of your followers who will be able to view those tweets who will pay you a monthly fee. The fee can be 2.99$, 4.99$, or 9.99$ per month.

According to the Twitter blog, if your income from this program is less than 50,000, Twitter will have only 3% of it, but if it is 50,000 or more, then the share of Twitter will be 20%. Will

However, this program is currently only for iOS (iPhone) users who are US citizens. Therefore, they will have to contribute to Apple’s “App Store” in the revenue from the “Super Follow” program, which can be up to 33%.

In other words, those who earn money from this program will get only 65% ​​of their earnings. If the “Super Follow” program succeeds in its initial trial phase, it will be rolled out to countries other than Android.