Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Get Spiderman’s Web Launcher Weapon!

Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Get Spiderman's Web Launcher Weapon!

Spiderman arrives in Chapter 3 of Fortnite. And know that you can get Peter Parker’s web launcher. Here is how to do it. How to get the Spiderman Mythic web-shooters in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1?

Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally here. And whoever says new chapter says “a lot of new things”. Indeed, as always, Epic Games saw the big picture. Many things are to be discovered in the battle royal and in particular Spiderman’s web launcher.


Because yes, if you were not yet aware, the spider-man will indeed land in the game in a few days. Is it really any wonder to see an MCU hero arrive in the game? Not really, for several reasons.

Indeed, those who have been playing Fortnite for several years already know that the developers love this universe. Many skins have been available since the battle royal existed. And especially those of Marvel superheroes.

Epic Games taking advantage of the hype around Avengers Endgame. By offering players many costumes related to this film, but not only. Fans of the MCU know that Iron Man, Dr. Strange, or even Thor were to fight Thanos in the film.

This is why the Fortnite developers have chosen to include the supervillain in his battle royal. A mini-boss that gave you a hard time and that you had to defeat to get loot.

Aware of the success of Marvel heroes, the studio has therefore chosen to continue on this hype. As a reminder, the new Spiderman movie hits theaters in the coming days. On this occasion, Peter Parker will therefore make his appearance in the game.

Moreover, he does not arrive alone in the battle royal. Because as our colleagues from Breakflip know, it will be possible to use your web launcher. The media gives more details on this subject, which you can discover in the following lines.

Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Get Spiderman's Web Launcher Weapon!


Might as well warn you right away … For the moment, nobody knows how we are going to be able to get our hands on this gadget. The Spider-Man is not even available in the game yet, the mystery remains unsolved.

However, Epic Games has still given some details on this subject. By giving in particular information on the capacities of Spiderman in Fortnite:  “A battle goes badly? Escape quickly by sliding ”.

Before adding:  ”  which still allows you to shoot and build.” And how about propelling yourself like a spider around the Daily Bugle and the other buildings? This will be possible from December 11 by getting your hands on Spider-Man’s web launchers! “

The studio, finally concludes:  ”  Finally, if an opponent has knocked you out. , you can now crawl faster to reach your section, and even pick up objects ”. What about the famous web launcher?

As we pointed out to you, we do not know at the moment. We just know that the character is due to arrive on December 11 in Fortnite. Following this, we should receive more info on the web launcher.

We will therefore have to be patient until this period.