Fortnite Chapter 3: How to Unlock The Crowning Emote In Game?

Fortnite Chapter 3: How to Unlock The Crowning Emote In Game?

If you really want to unlock the Fortnite Chapter 3 crowning emote, the editors are giving you a tip today.

Good news for Fortnite fans! Today, the editorial team reveals how to unlock the game’s crowning emote in Chapter 3. QUORA TV tells you everything from A to Z!


Since its release in July 2017, Fortnite has been unanimous among video game enthusiasts. And for good reason! The gaming experience continues to develop.

So gamers never get bored. Since the launch of the Battle Royale mode, more and more of them are embarking on the adventure.

And the least we can say is that the creators are in shock. Happier than ever in the face of the success of Fortnite, Eric Williamson reacted in particular in an article posted by PlayStation. 

“We are blown away by this success. We are delighted that players are enjoying the game and that it allows them to have a great time together! “

This is what the design manager at Fortnite first said before giving some explanation. “  The team is constantly looking to improve everything related to all x levels. “

“A lot of it is based on player feedback. Whether it’s improving performance, creating new content, or updating existing game elements, we’re always looking to improve the experience. “

Moreover, the improvements keep piling up. The arrival of Chapter 3 was thus marked by the change of engine.

“With the arrival of Chapter 3, the development of Fortnite moved to Unreal Engine 5 . We are excited to share this trip with you and are working to make it the best possible experience for the entire Fortnite community. ” Could we read on Twitter?

A big announcement that did not fail to make gamers react…


The new engine is not the only change to make Fortnite fans salivate, however. Indeed, chapter 3 also brought its share of novelties.

And among them, a particularly sought-after emote. Eh yes! It is indeed that of the coronation. To dig it up, you don’t have to settle for just winning a Victory Royale. Quite the contrary.

You will also need to be in possession of a Crown of Victory. To obtain the latter, it is possible to find them in the matches of other players.

So do not hesitate to take that of the eliminated players. Indeed, we must be very careful. The crown can quickly be lost.

Once you have therefore participated in the event with your crown, you will just have to win the game. Just that! Subsequently, you should win the free emote which is available in Chapter 3 of Fortnite. 

Also, know that any outfit is likely to work with this novelty. You will be able to display your power by wielding a beautiful gold tiara!

According to the latest information posted online by CBR, these “  are not too hard to find. Anyway, for the moment. So at your controls!