Fortnite: How to Damage Enemies With a Melee Attack?

Fortnite: How to Damage Enemies With a Melee Attack?

Full in the latest Fortnite collab? You will undoubtedly have a melee attack to succeed … Here is how to take up the challenge!

Fortnite is once again challenging its fans! With the latest collab set up with Gears of War, the game from Epic Games has launched some small challenges to overcome … QUORA TV gives you the keys to successfully kill in a melee attack!


Because a lot of gamers had trouble understanding the title of the challenge. The new collab with Gears of War is full of successes to achieve. But finding GPS beacons or crouching down seems a lot easier than killing “in a melee attack”.

Already, it is necessary to have the essential weapon to take up this challenge: the pickaxe. A melee attack will indeed be melee … It will therefore be necessary to sharpen in Fortnite. But above all to catch the first opponent who comes.

Then, it will especially be necessary to win the melee combat. Not the simplest, not the most pleasant, not the most fun: this challenge will require a little patience and luck. But by adopting the right technique, you can get out of it quickly.

o take your pick in hand, and go explore this new world of mixes between Fortnite and Gears of  War. Released on December 9, this collab can indeed offer you a lot of XP and rewards. But you have to have a lot of guts.

Pickaxe in hand, you need to find an opponent within your reach. You stick to clinch with him. And above all, do not give him time to draw his weapon … At the risk of having to start all over from the beginning.

Fortnite how to damage enemies with a melee attack


The first piece of advice that can save your life, or at least make you dodge long minutes of research … And often regular, long, and quite frustrating deaths: go straight ahead without asking yourself any questions.

Finding yourself with a pickax in hand in melee with someone doesn’t happen often in life. It is, therefore, necessary to be cunning to go and unlock this Fortnite success without wasting too much time. The best idea? Draw before the others!

This sentence may sound very futile. But try to take the opponent by surprise, from the start of the game! While you haven’t landed yet, take the pickaxe in your hand and land on the opponent. This will give you more chances.

Surprised, and not yet ready to retaliate, the opponent may take some time before picking up a weapon … The melee challenge is reaching out to you! But beware, all Fortnite regulars are already starting to take the plunge.

We will therefore have to act quickly and land on the one who does not seem armed for hand-to-hand combat. Otherwise, it quickly looks like a 1 vs 1 without a rule: either you finish the other with a pickaxe … or you are good to try your luck again.

From the outset, you will therefore have a window to succeed in this melee attack! Once the challenge is unlocked, it will be necessary to take the next step. But that makes it a little less the head: it will be necessary to kill with a shotgun!