Fortnite: How to Download the Video Game on the Nintendo Switch?

Fortnite: How to Download the Video Game on the Nintendo Switch?

Want to play Fortnite? The Battle Royale game is found on almost every medium … and here’s how to get it on Switch!

Did you receive the Switch for Christmas? The Nintendo console opens up enormous possibilities for you to play … But you still have to know how to go about it. QUORATV therefore explains how to install Fortnite on your beautiful gift!


Because the game Epic Games is one of the most available. To succeed in making it free while recovering its costs, the publisher has indeed opened the doors wide. From PC to PS5 via your smartphone, it is therefore accessible to almost everyone.

Almost, because Apple wanted to charge Epic Games to put Fortnite on iOS. Epic Games therefore refused, which means that iPhone users cannot download and sand the game… For others, just follow the guide!

And if a Nintendo Switch was waiting for you under the tree, Santa Claus wanted to please you. Especially since you will be able to have game cartridges … But also store them in the memory of the console. No more risk of losing them!

And among those games that are easy to download and keep in the console, Fortnite is turning heads. According to figures published by Epic Games, 11.5 million players on Switch have downloaded the game. A figure that seems very impressive …

And you can join in on this huge rush with this super simple manual. Some steps to follow, very intuitive, to succeed in leaning on the game of Epic Games… And maybe also not to let go.


For this, two options arise in front of you. But first, think about grabbing your smartphone or your PC, and going to create an Epic Games account. It will indeed have to be associated with your new game. But it takes some time …

Even more, if you try to create it on Switch. The console interface works fine. But reflexes and habits on the phone and PC save time. So before downloading Fortnite, go create an account.

Once the account is created, you can finally turn on the Nintendo Switch. You have two options: go to the Epic Games Store, and download the game. But another way of doing it will seem easier to you.

And above all faster. This method indeed works for all games. All you have to do is click on the eShop icon located at the bottom right of your console. You will thus have a search bar: type “Fortnite”, without surprise.

When the game appears, tap download. The Nintendo Switch will then ask you for confirmation. You click on “free download” again. Simple, not hard to understand, fast … And very effective.

Once the game has been downloaded, all you have to do is link your account. This time, the little time saving provided at the start of this tutorial will help you. Because all you need is your email address, your password … And let the game finally begin!