Frostpunk Tips & Cheats for Beginner Reddit 2022/23

If you love to play city-building games and looking for the most challenging survival games Frostpunk is one of them. Over two years after its release, Frostpunk’s city-building game is still not easy for beginners. If you are a beginner, it’s very difficult to survive in the cold weather and keep warm without having the full information about the gameplay.

Frostpunk developers do a decent job of telling you how to play but it’s easy to miss some of the finer points that can make this game easy for you to play. You may know that too much snow is actually very bad for your health, and you really have to do something extra to keep you warm in the game. With that in mind, In this guide, we have listed some cheeky little tips to help you on your way in the frozen wastes of Frostpunk…

Frostpunk Tips & Cheats for Beginner Reddit 2022/23

Along with the helpful tips you also need some cheat codes for frostpunk to get unlimited resources and other useful items during the worldwide volcanic winter in the Frost Punk game. Copy the cheats codes and use them in your gameplay by following the steps mentioned below. But first we will be discussing some helpful tips & tricks.

List of FrostPunk Tips and Tricks

Here’s some best tips & tricks to get started in frostpunk.

  1. Build Gathering Posts
  2. Keep your homes heated
  3. Scout early & often for extra stuff
  4. Build all the Research Workshops
  5. Work towards alternative energy sources
  6. Manage the expectations of your populace
  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment

1- Gathering Posts are worth it

While playing Frostpunk, gathering posts should be in your first few steps. Instead of spending your time and efforts building the town with a small and limited radius, you can gathered all the resources around you for free.

In the start of the game you have a set of resources around the generator, in one place you two coal piles and one wood. You can get all of the coal because in this cold place coal is for your life and wood is for your buildings life. To get the maximum output you have to place 45 people onto the job, thats more than half of your total workforce in 1st scenario.

Gathering Posts are worth it

What to do: let’s Put gathering post down, which only requires 10 people to gather everything there, they’ll work in warmer conditions and they’ll do it faster.

2- Heat Up Your Homes

People working and living in freezing conditions are more likely to get sick, and you health system, get swamped by frosbites, casualties could be different if you heat up your houses. Heating houses is well worth it, Steam Hubs can heat up a more number of houses, but don’t forget to switch them off when they reached a specific temperature.

By Heating Up homes, you won’t have runaway medical emergency, and it will helps you in a terms of what doesn’t happen.

Heat Up Your Homes

3- Scout early, Scout Often & get Outposts

We always like free stuff, and there’s a lot of free stuff lying around in the frozen north these days thats going to save you. Send expeditions off, as soon as you can, also spend some time on second research group, if you can. Its one of the best investment that you can make by having five guys with skis go off and search for things. They’ll find food, resources, automatons and even an outpost.

You can get a lot of free stuff while scouting along the way, that will start making things easier for your soon. Get outposts or build one on an old coal mine you can say goodbye to all your coal related worries, they’re that good.

Scout early, Scout Often & get Outposts

4- Build all the Research Workshops

You should not settle on a single workshop, instead of this you have to built some extra ones that will improve your research. You also have to push the efficiency of your workshops upto 150% on a single workshop.

The benefit of boost in research speed will go beyond and you end up with a large number of medical buildings with nothing to do when theres nothing wrong. Put engineers in additional worships and get them researching for when things start go wring again.

It won’t hurt you much move the engineers back on doctoring, use the limited manpower well for safe going.

Build all the Research Workshops

5- Alternative Energy is Good

Always go for alternative energy options when things are going well. On the top of the list is a wall drill, if you can get one, build it. The lost steam core is well worth the unlimited supply of wood.

If a have a huge manpower and you don’t know what to do with, you can build a coal thumper. The two gathering posts beside the thumper will ensure a huge amount of coal is gathered for you. One thing more, If you have enough wood, its great, but it has a habit of hoovering up all your wood while you’re distracted.

Alternative Energy is Good

6- Manage Expectations

While taking of distraction: people, when you go for a jon to save them, their demands gone high and that makes your jobs harder. Take these demands as reminders and pay attention on the things those are necessary. When the discontent and hope bar rise, its scarry, but carefull use of the book of law will help you get out of it.

Make sure to keep going down the moonshine and fighting pit paths, they are actually quite worthwhile. The ancillary paths of both the religious and order paths are also very useful. A spot of tactical Fake News from the Propaganda building have proved instrumental in saving more than one of my games.

Manage Expectations

7- Experiment

The greatest satisfaction in playing Frostpunk is being provided the same problem for me to fix any way I like, with the measure of how well I’ve done being the number of people alive at the end of a session.

Whilst there is a certain amount of rote learning to any game, Frostpunk really rewards finding new answers for old problems. The above tips are only a starting point for the kinds of tricks you can pull in game. It is the greatest satisfaction, ultimately, to discover them for yourself. So go forth – and experiment!

FrostPunk Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, you will be unable to find any cheat codes for Frostpunk players. But you can use the cheats in Frospunk game using the frostpunk trainer or frostpunk cheat engine.

Moreover, there are many community Frostpunk mods that you can use to avail different additional features in the game. These mods will lets you to turn off heat necessity for buildings in your base and can give you unlimited Steam Cores are really helpful to enjoy the narrative more.

Frostpunk Trainers on PC

Here is a list of frostpunk console commands & cheats for PC, Mac, Xbox/ Xbox one, and PS4 that you can get by using the Frostpunk Trainers. There are some Frostpunk Trainers that you can use to get cheats. Here’s what the trainers can offer:

  • Unlimited Coal
  • Unlimited Wood
  • Infinite Steel
  • Infinite Raw Food
  • Unlimited Steam Cores
  • Set Raw Food
  • Set Steam Cores
  • Fast Research
  • Unlimited Wooden Mater
  • Unlimited Steel Plates
  • Infinite Steam Tools
  • No Generator Stress
  • Fast Construction
  • Set Steel
  • Instant Book of laws Cooldown
  • Set Coal
  • Set Wood