How Many People Are In A Place, Get details On Google Maps

How Many People Are In A Place, Get details On Google Maps

New York: The most popular internet company has added another great feature to Google Maps.

According to the technology tracking website, Google has added a busyness feature in the Maps application, after which the user will already know about the crowd at any place.

The user using the feature will also be able to know what the situation is where they want to go.

Users using this feature will also know how many people are currently in a superstore, park, market, or hospital.

Google said in a statement that the feature was added to Maps in view of the Corona epidemic so that users know when and where to go and when to stay at home.

When this feature is available to the general public, the user simply needs to open the Maps app on their Android or iPhone or start navigation on the map on the Google Maps site in the browser, after which the details of the crowded place will appear. ۔

According to the company, a feature called BuzzNice is being tested, the successful experiment phase will be completed in a few days after which all users will be able to use this service.