Lahore: Boy Arrested For Raping and Killing His Younger Brother

Lahore: Boy arrested for raping and killing younger brother

Police in Lahore has arrested elder Bhai for raping and killing his younger brother.

According to information provided, 8-year-old Arsalan was raped and killed in the Nishtar Colony area of Lahore.

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Police said the boy was killed by his 14-year-old brother Faizan.

He said that the accused Faizan had taken his younger brother Arsalan under the pretext of taking something from the shop.

Regarding the information obtained during the interrogation, the police said that the accused Faizan killed Arsalan by hitting him on the head with a brick after molesting him.

Police said Faizan then dumped his younger brother's body in a sewer.

According to the information provided, Arsalan had been missing from his house since January 6.

He said that the body of the child was found in the Ashiana Scheme underpass drain.

Keep in mind that in recent days, there has been a dramatic increase in cases of child abuse and malpractice.

In Lahore itself, on December 7, police in Green Town arrested the two accused in the murder of a child after allegedly molesting him.

Police say a neighbor in Green Town reported the child's death in a traffic accident at the home of a 7-year-old boy and tried to paint the incident as an accident.

Earlier, in Taxila, police arrested a 15-year-old boy for allegedly killing a 3-year-old boy after allegedly molesting him in Nar Topa village.

In March, a report by the NGO Sahil revealed that 2,877 cases of child abuse had been reported across the country in 2019, a figure that last year showed that in Pakistan Every day, more than 8 children were exposed to some form of abuse.

According to the report, gender segregation shows that out of a total of 2,846 cases of child abuse, 54 percent were girls and 46 percent were boys.

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