Canadian villager Rosie Gabriel married a Pakistani boy

Canadian villager Rosie Gabriel married a Pakistani boy

Rosie Gabriel, a Canadian villager who entered Pakistan on a motorcycle three years ago and converted to Islam last year, surprised everyone.

And now Rosie Gabriel has surprised everyone once again by marrying Pakistani biker and blogger Adeel Amir.

In a long post on Instagram yesterday, Rosie Gabriel said that she has also found her love in Pakistan.

The Canadian villager said in her post that she is married to Pakistani blogger and traveler Adeel Amir.

Sharing a photo with her husband Adeel Amir, Rosie Gabriel wrote in her emotional post, “I never thought I would come to Pakistan and fall in love.”

“I thought I would fall in love not only with this country and its people but also with a special person,” he added.

“All my life I’ve been looking for someone who would be my partner, my best friend,” wrote Canadian Walger.

“Before I came to Pakistan, I had eliminated the need to find someone. I had made a vow to God that if I spent my whole life for God, for someone to ‘complete’ me, for someone else,” he said. If you want to love yourself without the need to be, then you should do it.

“Somewhere I knew I was good enough for myself and I didn’t need anyone. It’s so funny to surrender, the moment you do that you are rewarded 10 times more,” wrote Canadian Walger. ‘

“That’s what happened, not only did I find a partner, but I also found my best friend,” he wrote.

“He who loves me unconditionally and accompanies me on my journey,” wrote Rosie Gabriel.

“The person who enlightens my life and inspires me with his love every day is someone who appreciates me in the best way possible,” wrote Canadian Walger.

“Our love was written in the stars, in a place I never thought I would find extraordinary and deep love,” he added.

“I found my best friend, companion, inspiration, inspiration, my heart, soul, my love and my husband Adeel Amir,” wrote Rosie Gabriel.

It may be recalled that last year, Rosie Gabriel had said in her Instagram post that she converted to Islam after living in Islamic countries for 10 years and was inspired by sincerity and love in Pakistan.

He also stated in his post that unfortunately, Islam is the religion of the world which has been widely misinterpreted globally.

Rosie Gabriel came to Pakistan in 2018 and at that time she said that she has come to Pakistan despite all the fears and obstacles of the people and she will show the beauty of Pakistan to the world by visiting 40 places here.

The Canadian villager and tourist later traveled to northern areas, including Lahore, Kasur, Multan and Gwadar, where she also made videos.

Rosie Gabriel stayed in Pakistan for about 14 months and later announced her conversion to Islam through a social media post.