Chances of Strick Lockdown in 6 Sectors of Islamabad

Chances of Strick Lock Down in 6 Sectors of Islamabad

The health department of the district administration of the federal capital Islamabad has recommended strict restrictions in six sub-sectors.

Islamabad District Health Department has written a letter to the district administration regarding the imposition and tightening of restrictions.

The letter called for sanctions in sub-sectors G-6, G-7, G-4, G-11, IT-2, and IT-1.

According to the DHO, more positive cases of coronavirus are being reported in the six sub-sectors concerned.

In the letter, the DHO said that positive cases have also been reported in the families of those infected with the coronavirus.

The letter called on the district administration to stop the movement of people in these sub-sectors to curb the spread of Corona.

The DHO said that Corona SOPs should be strictly enforced in all sectors.