Indian Actor Saqib Khan Quite Showbiz for Islam He Was Roadies Revolution contestant

Indian Actor Saqib Khan Quite Showbiz for Islam

MUMBAI: Young Bollywood actor and model Saqib Khan has announced that he will leave Showbiz and follow the path of religion. No, of course, he would have made a better choice for me.

Quora News: Saqib Khan, a Kashmiri-born actor, and model who gained fame from Rowdies, shared a long post on Instagram in which he announced that he was leaving the showbiz profession and moving towards spirituality. He added that he would no longer be modeling or acting in the future.

He also shared some photos and videos of his new trip on the occasion. His decision came after actress Sana Khan announced to follow the same path a few months ago.

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Saqib Khan wrote on his Insta Handler. Hello brothers and sisters, I hope you are all well. Today’s post is based on my announcement about quitting Showbiz. I will not be modeling or acting in the future.

Saqib Khan further wrote that it is not that he did not have a job and he is leaving showbiz, I still have a lot of projects, but it was not the will of Allah Almighty, I must have thought of something good and better Allah For me, inshallah, because he is the best planner. 

He said that as far as the struggle in Mumbai is concerned, it is very difficult to fight for survival here but I am proud that in a short span of one year Gained a good reputation and fan following.

It should be noted that last year, famous Bollywood actresses Sana Khan and Zaira Wasim announced to leave the showbiz industry. A month after leaving the world of showbiz, Sana Khan had married a religious scholar.