Jemina’s Reaction to the Prime Minister’s Statement of Nudity and Rape

Jemina's Reaction to the Prime Minister's Statement of Nudity and Rape

The issue is not women’s clothing, Jemima’s response to the Prime Minister’s statement

Jemima Goldsmith, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, has reacted to a recent statement by her ex-husband about women’s clothing and ‘rape’, saying she believed that Imran Khan’s statement was intentional. Must have been removed incorrectly.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 4, while answering the questions of the people directly on the telephone, in response to a question asked by a woman about the rising number of rape cases in the country, linked nudity or bold women’s clothing to ‘rape’ Was

The Prime Minister had said that this was not the case in the UK many years ago, but when women promoted nudity and started wearing shorts, the incidence of ‘rape’ started increasing, and then pornography made up for the rest.

The Prime Minister had termed women’s bold dress as ‘nudity’ and ‘obscenity’ and said that when such an environment prevailed, there would be crimes like ‘rape’.

Imran Khan said that the veil was ordered only to prevent crime and obscenity.

The Prime Minister’s statement was condemned by many political, social figures, and organizations, while now his ex-wife also broke the silence on his statement.

Although Jaime Goldsmith did not disagree with Imran Khan’s statement in several tweets, she did not explicitly support him and expressed the view that the statement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan may have been misinterpreted.

Jaime Goldsmith shared a link to an article in the British Daily Mail in a tweet, which discussed the Prime Minister’s statement.

Jaime Goldsmith wrote a translation of a Qur’anic verse in the tweet in which men were commanded to keep their eyes down and protect their private parts.

At the same time, Jaime Goldsmith wrote that the fault lies with the men.

Jemina's Reaction to the Prime Minister's Statement

In another tweet, she suggested that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement may have been misinterpreted or misinterpreted, because the Imran Khan she knows is not like that.

In another tweet, Jaime Goldsmith also narrated an incident in the Islamic country of Saudi Arabia and clarified that the issue is not women’s clothing.

Jaime Goldsmith narrates the incident in Saudi Arabia where an elderly veiled woman was harassed by young men.

Jemina's Reaction to the Prime Minister's Statement of Nudity and Rape

At the same time, he wrote that the only way to avoid such incidents is to cover the faces of men, to cover them.

In the same tweet, Jaime Goldsmith clarified that the problem or defect is not in women’s clothing.

Jaime Goldsmith and Imran Khan were married in 1995 and have two sons, Suleiman and Qasim, who live mostly with their mother in the UK.

Jaime Goldsmith and Imran Khan were divorced in 2004 but still have a good relationship due to children.

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